How to Attract the Opposite Sex

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When considering how to attract the opposite sex, one fundamental key is stay true to you. Being yourself will pay off in the end, especially if you are seeking a permanent relationship.

The evidence of high compatibility (important for long-term success) can not be determined if you are passing yourself off as someone you are not.

If your goal is to attract a pool of admirers just for the heck of it, it still pays to be yourself. You never know.

That is not to say there may be room for improvement in some areas. If you know that you could use some improvement in the appearance or hygiene department, this is something that you can correct immediately.

Consider a make over – have friends and family assessment and aid in your new look. Meanwhile, here are some effective tips on how to attract the opposite sex.

1. Location, Location, Location
Where you are in a room has a lot to do with appealing the opposite sex. Placing yourself in the middle of the room – sitting, standing or moving around a bit will have a huge impact on getting noticed by the opposite sex.

2. Scent
Men associate the scent of cinnamon and vanilla with love. Women are attracted to a black licorice scent. Blend your own essential oils, or find an aromatherapist to whip up a perfume that you can dab here and there that can dramatically increase your chances for attracting females.

3. Smile
To make yourself more attractive and approachable … for love attract – Smile.

4. Color
Weaving blue will attract women. Men who often wear blue are stable and faithful – the perfect candidate for a long-term relationship.

To attract a man, women should wear pink / peach to make themselves more approachable. Wear red with caution.

Both sexes should avoid yellow-green, a turn off for both sexes equally!

5. Body Language
Women – make room for someone else, to attract men, be approachable. Do not take up a lot of space, stand with your feet no farther than 6 inches apart. This is an open invitation to approach.

Men need to appear more dominant. Stand with your feet 6 to 10 inches apart. Take up space, and hold your head up.

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