How to Approach SEO for a 10,000-Page Website | Ep. #200

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In Episode #200, Eric and Neil discuss how you should approach SEO for a 10,000-page website. Internal linking, SEO audits, and long-term brand campaigns are all key strategies that will optimize your ranking on Google. Eric and Neil break down these strategies geared towards your large website so that you can optimize your topical relevancy for Google.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Approach SEO for a 10,000-Page Website 00:40 – Use Google Search Console to spot areas on your site such as crawl issues and specific penalties 00:54 – Combine Google Search Console with Screaming Frog SEO Spider 01:07 – Read Neil’s post on Quicksprout on how to perform an SEO audit the right way 01:27 – Make sure your website is set for the right URL hierarchy—this will help your Google relevance 01:59 – Reasons why you’re creating a website 02:20 – When you have tons of pages, your content might overlap 02:44 – Your biggest ROI bank should be on-page SEO 03:10 – Combining posts is good 03:21 – If you have a lot of different pages, create a resource page 03:32 – The “hub and spoke” content strategy explained 03:43 – It is an internal link wheel 03:54 – Check Pat Flynn’s deleting content post that explains how deleting a post can boost your ranking 04:30 – If you have some good performing posts, you can use Ahrefs to check which are ranking 05:08 – Check the top performing keywords that are used 05:18 – Internal linking is really important 05:30 – Have sub signals pointing to the pages 05:41 – Related links also build internal links 05:33 – Most big sites do internal links 06:00 – Most travel links are doing internal linking 06:25 – Using off-page SEO 06:45 – One problem with big sites is getting ranked for random terms 07:14 – Use branding campaigns 07:34 – Short-term brand raising may die down once your campaign ends 07:50 – Make sure you have long-term brand campaigns to build your brand and presence with your audience 08:15 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Topical relevancy is crucial for a big website, so make sure your website is set for the right URL hierarchy. Push to have long-term campaigns so that people can resonate with your material and increase presence and ranking on Google. Internal linking is a necessity for a big website. Leave some feedback:

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