How to Activate Auto Send New Posts Newsletter with google feedburner Email Subscription

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This is the Article How You can Activate Your Auto Email Subscription for Blogs

How its Works?
Feedburner is the free google tool its allow you to make feeds for your website and allow subscription widget

Do Check :

Step 1 >> Go to Your Feed burner Home page

Step 2 >> Burn a Feed using this link .  If you dont know your default feed url use this link to find defaul atom or Rss url

Step 3 >> After Creating a Successfully feed open dashboard in homepage of feedburner. Click on the any feed and click on Publicize .

 Step 4 >> Chose Email Subscription and you can see Activate option click on the Activate Button.

Thats it You Activated the the Auto Newsletter system Now you need to add widget to you blog or site copy the html code and paste in any widget into your site then your subscriber will be able to subscribe for the email newsletter.

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