How I Make Money Online While Traveling In 2018 & How You Can Do It Too | Female Digital Nomads

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Hey girls & female digital nomads,

For this video I will be talking about how I started making money online while traveling and how my boyfriend and I became financially free and location independent in the last year and we share some ways that we know that work on how you can make money and travel too in 2018.

Really appreciate all your questions, the video turned out a bit longer than expected so if I missed something or there is something that is unclear leave a comment or dm me on instagram, or Williams

Things to look up on Google/YouTube:

Upwork: freelance agency, here you can find online freelance jobs for any industry (hired freelancers from Upwork many times, highly recommend)
Nomadlist: to estimate cost of living in new countries
Affiliate marketing (for your blog/vlog/website/social media)
Seo (search engine optimisation) how to be found on google
Flippa/empireflippers: buy a revenue generating website (affiliate marketing/ecommerce)

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