Hours After Social Media Bans Diamond & Silk, They Call In Their Secret Weapon

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Hours After Social Media Bans Diamond & Silk, They Call In Their Secret Weapon
Most patriots know about Diamond and Silk. These outspoken citizens championed Donald Trump during the 2016 election. Since then, they have been strong supporters of the President. Now they are under fire by the overlords of social media.

As two African Americans, Diamond and Silk smash just about every stereotype. They left the Democratic Party to back Donald Trump. They continue to voice their opinion that black Americans are exploited by the left. Their YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts reach out to millions—including many black viewers.

Their message has won over man fans. More and more Americans are realizing conservatives have black people’s best interests at heart. The broken policies of the left have reduced many African Americans to poverty and crime. But under Trump, things are getting better.

It seems like Facebook has become threatened by the impact of Diamond and Silk. They just slapped punished their page, calling them “unsafe to the community.”

Diamond and Silk aren’t taking this lying down. Now, they are calling on the President himself to confront this issue.


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