Hexo NodeJS Blogging Engine, SFNode’s First Meetup, and a NodeOS?

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1. @ryanjanvier
Read my latest blog post on Hexo, the blogging platform built in #nodejs http://liquidtrends.github.io/  #javascript
2. @agminusthev
This Thursday is @sfnode’s 1st event! @cstdarg & @othiym23 will be talking about the ABCs of #nodejs. RSVP here http://bit.ly/1tUq5QO
3. ‏@radhikaostny
Be first to apply – node.js Engineer in New York, NY http://bull.hn/l/28PEA/75  #jobs #ny #nodejs #job
4. @unheardmyth
#NodeOS – The #NodeJS Powered Operating System #os #npm #javascript http://node-os.com/blog/get-involved … via @TheNodeOS


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