Google+ Role For Blog To Improve Ranking

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How Google+ Feature is helpful for your blog to improve Ranking. Actually Google+ Role is very beneficial for your blog to improve page rank fast.When talking about social media role in blogging then we cannot ignore Google+ because of its fast growing and effectiveness. Now Google+ is the strong competitor of leading Facebook and twitter. Google + already reached the 500 million users with 300 million active users at daily basis, the users of Google+ is increasing day by day. In today’s post I want to tell you that why the role of Google+ in blogging is important.

Google+ Role For your Blog

  • Social Media Appearance: Social media presence is very important for any blogger or marketer, you should have accounts at Facebook, twitter as well as Google+, By using Google+ you would get the opportunity to interact with  huge amount of audience  and followers. With the help of Google+ page you will get followers
  • Increase Audience: When you start using Google+ after some days you will get followers for your Google+ page and you will observe that your blog traffic will increase in few days, You have to make your page targeted and attractive, you should share often and valuable to your readers. Always search for relevant bloggers and audience to interact by doing this you will increase you traffic and you will get more exposure.
  • Indexed Posts Quickly: If you are having problems regarding indexing of posts, believe me  when you share your blog post at Google+, in a few minutes your post will be indexed in Google search engine.
  • Make your Google+ page professional, you should fulfill all the formalities and give the detailed Bio of your website  and include keywords in your about page.
  • Work for your Google+ profile to get followers by implementing different methods, you should share your Google+ page at different social media website like Facebook, twitter and Pinterest etc. Another way to get the following is by doing blog commenting at multiple websites and give the link there to your Google+ profile. Ask your relatives and friends to share your Google+ Page with their contacts. Use Google+ widget at your blog or site which has a link back to your Google+ page.
  • Apply for Google Authorship but it should be with your personal Google account. After getting Google authorship you have the better chances to get ranked better in search engines and the people also attracted to the post with Google authorship. Last thing you have to keep in mind that use keywords related to your niche. It will help very much to get good ranking in search engines.
  • Whenever you want to share something with your followers then keep in mind that they will leave reading your posts if you share something which is not relevant to them, So always share one of your best posts and valued content. In this way your posts will shared by your followers at different social media sites and this will help you boost your website ranking very much.
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