Google Panda Changes, Local Pack Shows Content & Forbes, Inc & Others Nofollow Links

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0 Flares 0 Flares × – This week in search I covered how Google said Panda has changed a lot since it first launched. Google’s local pack is now showing query matches on web site content, which is interesting. Forbes, Entrepreneur and have all nofollowed external links on articles. The Google Search Console is now up to date with the Search Analytics reports. Google seems to have killed off the preferred site name schema markup. Google talked a bit about duplicate content elimination. Google said the noopener, noreferrer and noarchive tags don’t hurt your rankings. Google asked us to stop watching the algorithms. Google gave us SEO advice on recurring events and updated item pages. Google is testing product search in the knowledge panel. Google AdWords launched a new ad rotation model. Google AdWords is testing a more dropdown link for Sitelinks. Google is testing deal ads in the knowledge panel. Google AdSense launched the User First program. Google vastly improves flight and hotel search features. Google now lets some add videos to the local listing reviews. Google My Business insights for photos is fixed. Google needs some moderation for the local Q&A feature. Finally, if I search for A why does Google give me C? That was this week in search news at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google: We’ve Changed The Way We Think About The Panda Algorithm :
Google Local Pack Shows Query From Website Content Of Local Listing :
Forbes, Entrepreneur & Inc Now Nofollow External Links :
Google Search Console Data Up To Date Again :
Google Kills Preferred Site Name Schema Markup :
Google: Duplicate Content Elimination :
Google: Noopener & Noreferrer Attributes Don’t Hurt Your Search Rankings :
Google: Noarchive Tag Does Not Hurt Your Google Rankings :
Google: Stop Watching The Search Algorithm :
Google SEO Advice: Recurring Event & Updated Item Pages :
Google Test New Local Panel Ad: See What’s In Store :
Google AdWords Ad Rotation To Offer Optimize & Rotate Indefinitely :
Google AdWords Tests More Sitelinks Dropdown Button :
Google AdWords Report Editor Adds Cross-Account Reporting :
Google Tests Local Panel Ads For Deals :
Google AdSense User First Program :
Google Improves Flight & Hotel Search To Help You Find Better Prices :
Now Add Videos To Local Listings On Google; Android Only :
Google Fixes Google My Business Insights Reports With Data Loss? :
Does Google Local Q&A Needs Moderation :
Hey Google. I Want Vegetables That Start With A, Not C! :


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