Google Pagerank Importance & benefits for a blog

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Blogging is the most common online activity that people conduct. This is the busiest task that people find over the internet. People write their life time activities or their personal experiences on a blog and share them online. Getting your blog on the Google top rank page is not very hard but it has a lot of importance. There are a lot of benefits of getting your blog on the top page. Getting a top Google page rank is important because every website owner wants more traffic towards its site. A high Google page rank will help in getting your site better.


Ways to increase Google page rank

1. Get links from high quality sites

It might not be easy to get high page rank over night but it can be done if you have a good knowledge of sites with high quality. In order to get your blog high Google page rank you need to get traffic from high quality sites. You can get people toward your blog by writing the blogs that their sites have views about.

2. Use SEO

Never forget to use SEO techniques. You can learn to use SEO for your blogs by so many ways. This is very helpful when you can easily get to learn this.

3. Write original

Never copy from other sites. This will put you in trouble and will not help you get any traffic or high page rank over Google. It might throw your page rank or Google might even kick you out of its page ranks. There is a proper algorithm that Google follows and even if you copy other content, you might not get treated right. If your page rank has degraded it might be hard for you to get it back.

4. Don’t focus on quantity

Many bloggers think that commenting everywhere might help them get a high Google page rank but it’s not. Sometimes Google doesn’t like a blog which is into other sites a lot. It might not be good for you. A blogger must focus on quality not quantity.

5. Write best content

Write the best of what you have. Writing different and better than anyone has ever written can get more traffic towards your site. This will help your blog get on the high page of Google and it will help in getting a lot of views from people.

Importance of high Google page rank

The higher your Google page rank is the more people will get to know about your blogs and the more reviews you’ll start to get. People will learn about your blogs and there will be a lot of traffic to your site. If someone tries to copy your content, Google will catch the person itself and you will not be bothered. The importance that your blogs will get increases your ideas in people. People will start getting to know you better and there are a lot of other things that might help you because of a high Google page rank.

Benefits for a blog

If your blog gets a high page rank on Google, you might get excellent reviews from people. A blog gets on the high rank page after a complete confirmation from Google. Only if your content is pure and different, then you will get the chance to attain high page rank. When you’re on the top of the Google page rank, you will be noticed by people who visit Google every day. People might ask you to work for them on a good post and you can set your rate for working. The benefit of getting your blog on a high page rank of Google is that people will start reading the things you post. Every new post of yours will be shown to people as they will start following you. There is a great benefit of getting your page on the high list of Google. You can learn about other people and also read their blogs. As more people start to read your blog you can get more attention and people will be attracted towards your work. There is a great benefit to people who can write well. When you learn to write better than any other person and your blogs are being read by thousands of people, you can become the next J. K. Rowling.

A blog can express a lot of things that is on someone’s mind. There are thousands of topics that a person can follow and in order to be the best person who has thousands of ideas for people to read, you can make your blog and get it famous by getting it on the top of Google page rank. People find it hard to get their blog on the top of Google page rank. But this is the only way by which people will get to know you and how amazing you can write. There are amazing things that can happen if you get to have the luck of getting on the top of Google page rank. There are so many amazing writers who have gained their spot on the top of Google page but there might come a bad day when Google finds their work less important and they will have to go down. So in order to stay on the top of the Google page rank you need to keep updating your blog with new and unique things.

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