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Are you in a dreadful spot and ask­ing, “God please help me” or asking God to give you strength”? Are your prayers to Jesus not being answered? There are many times when you pray to God for some­thing which is definitely impor­tant to us or that is immediately needed, and it seems as if our prayers are not being heard. “How come God hasn’t helped me?” you won­der. The rea­sons why some prayers go unan­swered might not be obvious to you. However one thing is for sure. So if you are ask­ing “God please help me”, you should know when we ask any­thing accord­ing to His will, He definitely hears us.

The scripture, John chapter 5 verse 14-15, is showing us that we can have confidence that Jesus definitely will answer our prayers, if we pray “accord­ing to His will”. And therefore the next log­i­cal ques­tion would be, “What is God’s will”? Whenever we plan to have our prayers to God answered, we will need to first ful­fill these:

  1. When you ask, you must believe and not doubt, knowing deep down in your heart God hears you and knows your needs
  2. You shouldn’t expect to receive any­thing from God if you waver in your faith

In this case the Bible is informing us that if we wavered in our prayers we are considered “dou­ble minded” and therefore we should not anticipate to receive any­thing from Him.

So what does it mean to be dou­ble minded?

It indicates that any time you ask Him for some­thing in prayer, you are hop­ing He will answer you, but you are not necessarily certain that He will. That type of pray­ing is kind of like tossing mud up against the wall, and hop­ing some will stick. Sim­ply put, God will not react to an ‘unbe­liev­ing prayer’.

In that we understand that when we expect to get our prayers answered, we will need to understand that He hears us and is faith­ful to respond to our prayers. However we should moreover realize that there are other things that can hin­der our prayers like not forgiving others for their trespasses.

God can only show us the very same mercy and for­give­ness that we are will­ing to have toward the ones who have offended or harmed us. Whenever we are not willing to for­give those who have”tres­passed” against us, God is not going to hear our prayers, nei­ther will He for­give our tres­passes against Him. Per­haps the great­est rea­son we do not get our prayers answered is that we ask God for the wrong things or with the wrong motives.

Seek First God’s King­dom And All Will Be Given To You.

Is your life a shamble right now? Are you miserable? Is life just beating you down? You pray to God and nothing seems to get better? How frequently do we all pray to ask God for things connected with mate­r­ial gain, as opposed to asking for God’s plan for our lives to be ful­filled?

The bible says not to worry that God knows ALL your needs as illustrated in the parable about the birds and how they are fed everyday. How much more valuable are you to God. What He wants you to do is seek Him first, establish a relationship with Him by inviting Him into your life. Once you make this commitment to God, all will be given to you.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” (James 4:8 NKJV)

Your everyday needs will be pro­vided for, and God will have his heart set on you forever.

Here’s some awesome news for you. Jesus said that no one can come unto Him unless the Father leads them.

The fact that you are read­ing this article now, is a crystal clear sign that God is draw­ing you to know Jesus, and is invit­ing you to “draw near to Him”. Continue to seek Him daily, make Him a part of your life and you will see your life change as God has great things in store for you.

Source by Vito Coraci

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