How to Give Energy to Your Blog

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energize your blog with best blogging tips give energy to your blog

Creating a blog and making it online is an easy task and it can be done in minutes. But making it a completely successful one is a difficult work and it requires your precious time, ideas, creativity and most importantly proper planning. Now a days, you will find many blogs which are more likely a barren land. No traffic, no activity at all. These are all those which were created without any proper planning and strategies. On the other hand there are also many blogs available which were created with proper planning and now they are active and have a strong hold in the internet.

Tips to Give Energy to your Blog

Today I am going to tell you some interesting tips which will definitely help to make your blog active and healthy.

1. Website’s design and color scheme:

First of all you need to check the design of your blog. Make sure everything in the design is properly aligned and works the same way in all browsers. Sometimes, some websites looks messy in different browsers. So, this is one of the most important thing to check and also check the color scheme. Always use eye catching colors too much simple or dark color sometimes don’t attract the viewers. Don’t Add much colorful stuff in blog, because professional blogs has very similar layouts and color schemes. If you will use colorful stuff, your blog will look like cartoon or funny stuff’s blog. You may like our new blog Blogger Kids all designed Custom

2. Website’s load time:

Secondly check the load time of your blog. If your blog is taking too much time to load then it’d be good to fix the problem as fast as possible. The blogs which are taking too much time to load always leave a bad impression. Heavy widgets and themes etc reduce website speed. you should always make sure your blog is upto speed and working fine. Speed up Blog Loading Time with best tips and guides.

3. Organize your content:

Organizing your content properly is one of the most important thing you need to do. Organize all your content properly. Make categories, and always put your content in the proper category. Point all your content written ways, you have to identify low quality content and high quality content.

4. Use image and videos in your content:

Always use different images and videos in your content. Doing this will attract more readers then a simple text one article. Add good featured image or content explanation images, screenshots and videos make easy posts. you can use YouTube to upload your videos there and embed videos in blog posts.

5. Optimize Homepage

Make your homepage full with interesting content, Put all your popular articles on the front, so viewers will see it easily. Putting interesting content on the home page will allow you to get maximum readers for your blog.

6. Create all the pages for your blog:

Create all the proper pages for your blog. Important pages like “Contact Us”, “Privacy Policy” and “About Us”. Don’t forget to create these pages.

7. Proper SEO:

Make sure you do proper SEO for your blog. Search Engine Optimization is really important for a blog and focus on all the basic things. Without Seo blog’s content can’t get higher ranking or can not come on Google first page, do On Page Optimization or use other Seo plugins for your blog.

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