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Having tried the “get paid to take surveys” and finding out that there just was not anyway I was going to make any money with the “get paid to take surveys” scam I decieded to see what I could about the “get paid to shop” and the “mystery shopping” programs. I bought a list of places to apply as a “paid shopper” or “mystery shopper” and found to my dismay that no one on the list needed a “shopper” or had dicountinued the program quite a while ago. When I tried, many times, to contact the person who had sold me the list without any reply to the e-mails or never being able to get a call back after leaving messages on his voice mail I soon found that the contact e-mail address was no longer valid and the contact phone number was out of service”. When I tried contacting my credit card company to try and get my money back I found to my dimay that the trial period of three day and passed and there wasn not any recourse but to kiss the money good-by.

All in all I have found that the “paid to shop” is similar to the paid survey scam. In paid survey scams you are asked to pay a fee in order to access a list of companies that pay you to take surveys. In paid to shop scams, you simply pay for a list of companies that pay you to shop at their own stores and to evaluate the experience.

With paid surveys the actual companies that pay people to take surveys have very strict requirements such as age, gender, demographics etc. The chances of you becoming rich are very narrow because you would have to take thousands of surveys per month, and this simply will not happen.

The same is with “get paid to shop” or “mystery shopping” scams. Whilst it is true that many companies will reimburse you for goods you bought at their stores (meaning you get them for free) you will not get rich with them. And you will not be getting hundreds of requests per month to go eating here or shopping there.

In reality, what you will get is a lot of spam in your email account and you will get really sick of it.

If you want to learn how to make money online, it is best to invest in a really good course that teaches you proven and time-tested methods and essential marketing skills. This knowledge is absolutely essential for your success.

As for all these other scams, “data entry”, “paid surveys”, “mystery shopping” etc., then they are just surrounded with clever marketing and deceptive claims. Avoid them.

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