Tips To Get Buysellads Approval For Your Blog / Website

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Here is some major and useful tips to get buysellads approval for your blog or website, various ways to get buysellads approval.Buysellads is now a days most famous and popular way in my view to monetize the blog or website but it is difficult to get buysellads approval.  When someone start a blog or website as a profession then the main theme of the  blog is to make money by applying different ways. Blogger can make money by advertising and through affiliate sales and there is also many other methods to make money from your blog. The best way for an average blogger to make money with his website is through Google adsense but nowadays adsense is very strict about approving new accounts and as well as there policies are also very strict. Your website is always under danger of banning because of invalid clicks.

BuySellAds Approval Tips

In this post I am going to share some tips to get buysellads approval which I personally think if you follow you will get approval by buysellads.

1. Get Your Own Domain

Don’t go for Buysellads if you have a blog on blogger or on wordpress so you should have toplevel domain like . Buysellads will reject your site if you don’t have TLD domain.

2. Original Content

Buysellads would not give you approval if you have copied content or your content would not meet the grammar rules. so if your grammar is weak work hard at it, it would not take much time to learn it. Buysellads policies are very strict regarding copied content and adult stuff. And from a blogger point of it is cheapest thing to give your readers copy paste content. One thing you should keep in mind that there is very life of illegal activity,  you would not be able to achieve success in long term for your blog.

3. Specific Niche

There is very good chance for you if you have a website with specific niche or still you do not start your website or blog. I suggest you to go for specific niche like finance, travel, tech or business etc. Because the most advertisers there at buysellads who prefer specific niche blogs or websites to promote their product to the targeted customer to get maximum benefits. Therefore buysellads give approval easily to such kind of websites if they meet the criteria.

4. Traffic

Buysellads usually do not approve a website with low traffic, the minimum traffic requirement is about 50 to 60K. But I see many blogs and website with less than 30K and got buysellads approval because of specific niche and clean layout. So if you have low traffic then I would suggest you to first work at your website to get good traffic. If you have good content then you would not face any difficulty to get decent traffic because there are so many ways to get targeted traffic for your website through legit ways.

5. Increase Alexa Rank and Page Rank

To get buysellads approval your website should have good page rank and good Alexa ranking. Many people thinks that Moz Rank and Technorati Rank can also be checked by buysellads but I personally think that advertiser would be satisfied by Alexa Rank and Page Rank because they tells all the story about your blog and website regarding traffic and about your blog authority. In my opinion Alexa Rank should be under 50k to get approval.

6. Social Media Following

Social media appearance is very important not only for advertisement point of view but as a marketer or blogger you should have a good following at different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and as well as fast growing Google+. Buysellads rejects many websites due to limited or no social media following so you should keep an eye at this to get Buysellads approval.

7. Website Design

The design of your website should be relevant to your blog or website niche and it should give a professional look. Try that your website layout should be clean, easy navigation and should be user friendly. Only use few ad spots when you are going to apply.

These are the few tips which I think are enough to get approval from buysellads. If your application is rejected then don’t be disappointed and sort out the reason for which your blog is rejected, work on it and try again after sometime. Hopefully you will get the approval after meeting the criteria of buysellads.

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