Gain an Inch in 2 Weeks – New Breakthrough Methods on How to Perform Penis Enlargement

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Learning How to gain an inch in 2 weeks is not an impossible thing. I am going to show you How To Perform Penis Enlargement and do it quickly and safely. You are guaranteed to see results very quickly and you will be very amazed at how permanent, and quickly you will see gains Here are some tips on How To Perform Penis Enlargement.

First off, lets get into some PC muscle Squeeze Techniques. Locate your PC muscle By Using your muscle to stop yourself from urinating. That is the PC Muscle.

Now this is a variation Squeeze Method. Squeeze Your PC Muscle tight for 5 seconds, Then Release It Slowly, Next Squeeze it Tight For 10 seconds, then release it slowly. Then go back to 5 seconds, then 10, 5 then 10. Do that about 15 times and then rest for a few minutes. Do This and gain inches by working on your control.

Another variation is the long squeeze where you squeeze your PC muscle as tight as you can and hold it for about 60 seconds or as long as you can. Try to hold ot a long time, and do not give up. That is a real massive penile workout. Great tip on How To Perform Penis Enlargement.

Another one it a Milking Method. Grab the Base of your Penile Area Right By the Pubic Hairs and Squeeze it. Do not squeeze it too tight but just enough to feel it. Then make a milking motion as if you were milking a cow. DO it upwards towards the head of your Manhood. Do that about 15- 30 times.

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