Fun Ways For Your Kids to Make Money

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As a parent if you continue to hand money to your kids, they will keep asking. This sets up many negative habits that won’t go away until you break them. This often lags on even after your kids grow up. Sadly, many parents will just keep providing for their kids (into adult years) instead of teaching them to make their own money.

Teaching them how to earn money and create income will not only take a financial burden off of you, it will provide them with confidence. It will also help to provide them with valuable skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

There are young kids everywhere that are making names for themselves in lots of different businesses. I know of a few kids who make great money making cookies for people in the neighborhood. These cookies are sold at baseball games, at the park, and door to door. Everyone knows them, and also knows that their cookies taste awesome.

Since everyone in the neighborhood knows that the cookies are amazing, they have started placing orders for delivered cookies. People everywhere buy these dang cookies and this of course has resulted in a great income for the kids, who happen to still be in their teens.

There are also quite a few kids and teens who have set up little thrift businesses to make money. One good method is to take people’s old stuff and sell it on eBay or to a thrift store or pawn shop. Sometimes people are just happy to get rid of their old junk and this means opportunity.

Here is a job for responsible youth. Advertise in the paper that you provide wake up calls with customer’s choice of today’s weather, top news, or saying of the day. Keep a careful record of each client’s preferences and wake up times.

Do you have a lot of old toys that you don’t need anymore? You then could rent them out to families with children who are bored with theirs, or to grandparents who have children visiting. You can rent by the day, week, or month. Keep careful track of who has what.

You often hear about lawn mowing but this one you can cash in on because no one really thinks about it. Place an ad or go door-to-door and offer to clean up branches, (mow the lawn), weed flowerbeds, and gardens and sweep porches and sidewalks.

What you should do is to give the kids many fun ways to make money and let them choose what they find most interesting. If they find their new venture interesting, they will be much more likely to stick with it. Who knows, it could turn into a venture for life.

How do you think people who sell cookies on a nationwide basis get started? Most of them get started by selling locally and then by taking their product to different stores. Once people start buying their products in stores, they will start to look for avenues that they can use to distribute them. Good business skills learn in youth can go a long way!

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