Episode 16: Where to Start with a Blog Content Strategy | Tuesday Tips

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Creating a content strategy should always begin with a thorough and thoughtful blog article. A lot of people say that blogging is a thing of the past, but it’s still a powerful form of SEO.

Sure, a lot of people are turning to video in 2018 – but there are still a handful of consumers that prefer to read articles as a part of their daily routine. Writing a purposeful blog and breaking down the key points into social media posts and individual videos is a solid way to be found. Not only are you marketing the same message across multiple channels, but you’re catering your content to certain audiences that value different things.

We’re currently offering a strategy like this for only $399. You’ll receive a purposeful and optimized blog topic, original imagery, a social media schedule (with photos) and strategic video suggestions.

If you’re planning on using your marketing team, a writer, or someone else to manage this process, consider the key elements of the strategy I mention in this video. If they’re not able to execute on all levels, then you’re more than likely wasting valuable capital.

Be purposeful with everything you do, and always remember to PreFocus.


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