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Hi teachers, in today’s special back to school episode of ECB, we are going to take a classic ice breaker – the bingo name game, and spice it up with 21C tools and flare. . I’m sure you all know the original activity – it’s the one where you “find someone that played in the band” “find someone that’s left-handed’

Let’s dive straight in and look at how this modified version works.

First, create a new Book in Bookcreator, leaving the title page blank.

Next, go through each page up to the number of students you have, and add one generic bingo description for each. There’s a link to a sample template in the video description below.
If you have pre readers, you can use audio recordings instead of text.
Next, send the book as an ePub to your blog which is
Super easy to do if you’re using Easyblog, but possible on most blogging apps.

To run the activity, the students go to your blog, download the template, and open in BookCreator. From there, they are ready to start.

The goal of the activity is to find a classmate that matches each description, including one page for themselves. When they find a match, they take a photo of that person and put their name underneath.

To liven it up a bit, you can make some of the descriptions videos – for example “Find someone who loves singing, and video them singing their favorite song”

When the students are finished, they can add a title page, and send the book to their blog so parents can ‘meet the class’ as well.

A handy spinoff from this activity is that your student’s now know how to download and edit a book template, which opens up lots of possibilities. You can learn more about that on this video from Mr. Kamrowski

Book template https://easyblog.org/single-blog-display/?b=MzE3OA%3D%3D&ps=MzU5


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