Easy Classroom Blogging – 5 Ways To Find the Time for Weekly Student Blogging

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Today’s episode was inspired by Taryn and Charlotte who teach first grade at the Cairo American College. Like many of us, one thing that frustrates them is finding the time for students to blog regularly.

Here are five tricks we’ve learned that will enable your students to blog weekly without disrupting your program

Make it part of your literacy program. In other words if you currently dedicate 5 periods a week to a literacy program, make one of those a blogging period. Reading, posting, commenting. It’s all literacy!
Instead of giving 20 math questions, give 10 and then have them choose one questions and post a video explanation to their blog of how they solved it.
Use creation apps that allow you to save to camera roll like Pic Kids, Chatterpix, iMovie, or Write About This. Why? Because then it takes literally 1 minute for them to put that on their blog!
When you plan out the week, highlight key lessons that will result in easily shareable content and tell the students in advance that they will be putting the products on their blogs. Good examples are pieces of writing, video reflections and photos of art.
Make the iPads easily available.

A lot of this goes back to what we talked about in episode 3, so if you haven’t watched that one yet, hop over now and check it out!


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