Earn Money With Your Long Articles or Contents

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Hi Fans and All Blog Readers today i will explain you how you can earn money with your long Articles or Contents. Its True you can earn 10000+ $ per month with your blog, if your blog have 3000 page views per day you can earn almost 5$ per day and if you have 10,000 page views then you can Earn 50+ $ per day, that way i will explaining you this is called Text Advertisement, there is many publishers sites but only two sites are paying highest amount, Infolinks and Kontera .
The Explanation below.

Infolinks :
Infolinks do not impose restrictions or requirements on publishers for integrating on websites. However your application will be reviewed to find if there is any illegal or offensive activities happen on your website. Infolinks let you customize its functionality to optimize In-Text ads with your website. The links will start to appear right after you integrated the Infolinks script. It offer you popular payment methods such as PayPal, Bank Wire, E-Check and ACH with certain threshold or payout limits. However overally, Infolinks is a useful monetization option with moderate to high payout rate if you generate quality and enough content on your blog or website.

How to Start :

  1.  Go to Infolink Official site : http://infolinks.com
  2. Signup for a Account it total free zero of cost.
  3. You must have a blog or website you need to enter the url there. and your orignal name and email etc
  4. Within one day your account will get approved
  1. When you get approved with your blog you need to interrogate with your web site. Enter the code which infolink will give you then your text will start advertising. 

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Kontera is a leading provider of In-Text Advertising and Information Services based on patent- pending text and content analysis technology that maximizes relevancy and yield for online users, publishers, and advertisers.
The company’s flagship product, ContentLinkTM, finds contextually relevant keywords on a publisher’s web page in real-time and automatically matches them to relevant ads and information. Thousands of online publishers worldwide are currently using Kontera’s service for additive revenue from their content while providing relevant ads and information to their users.
Leading international advertisers in a broad range of product categories are achieving improved ROI with ContentLinkTM over other advertising vehicles because of the relevancy of the ad to the user’s online experience and immediate frame of mind.
Kontera’s competitive advantage lies in seven years of experience in the In-Text market and its patent pending proprietary textual and content analysis technology. The company has developed and utilizes several proprietary semantic, statistical, linguistic, and yield maximization algorithms to analyze words and parts-of-speech to extract and rank relevant topics and keywords, which are then matched to relevant ads.
How to Join Kontera :

  • Go to Kontera http://kontera.com
  • Signup for a free account its free After signup confirm your account ot activate and no requirement of visits per day etc.

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