Domain Authority Vs Google Pagerank which one is Beneficial

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Domain Authority Vs PageRank

Now a days lots of peoples starting blogs day by day. some peoples start blog with Google blogger and some start with WordPress. But this is depend on their own self, which one they can maintain, but in my view WordPress is better because it is open source and free to use, even blogger is limited. i have also written an article on Blogger Vs WordPress Which One is better.

Well come to point we are going to discuss about Google PageRank and Domain Authority. DA is also short form of Domain Authority and PR is short form of Google Pagerank, Next time i will use short form so don’t get confuse with it.

Let we discuss about Google PageRank First:

Pagerank is discovered by Google in 2004. This tool analyze a link algorithm, It is use to analyze a website and this feature show a reputation of a website or webpage in short and easy form. on starting some peoples confuse what is it and how to increase pagerank fast, but it is not difficult to increase or understanding it. Wikipedia Also explained Google PageRank as well. There is many similar tools to check a website Pagerank, if you are a blogger then you at least should have installed a extension or addon on your web browser well your can use this tool to check PR.

Now Come to DA (Domain Authority)

Domain Authority is represent by SEoMoz, as you know SeoMoz is a famous seo tool ever. it is all about a result about website or domain link, it tells the value of a link, it count total do-follow or no-follow backlinks, as i has been explained about to know which one is Dofollow or Nofollow. There is many free tools to check domain authority. which i has been told about my previous content, with my previous content you can also come to know how to increase domain authority and what is fundamental about domain Authrity.

Domain Authority  Vs PageRank:

It was a short explanation about both algorithms, but now come to main point which one is more benificial and useful.

Actually both tools are seprate things. both alogrithm has their own value, but now a days with my experience i notice this. Domain authority has more value than PageRank, there is reason why it is, because domain Authority tool count a value of a link, like it count total inbound and outbound links, it count total dofollow and nofollow backlinks, then this tool rank a website, it Score Domain Authority on a logarithmic scale ranging from 0 to 100-points.

How Higher Domain Authority Beneficial:

When a Advertiser come to a good blog or website, they check Domain Authority also with Google Pagerank, if a blog or webpage has more than 40+ DA, his/her blog can make good money with sponsors posts.

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