Doing Event Marketing in Nutshell

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Any event’s success is a result of immense hard work performed by event organizers. One of the most challenging parts is strategy building, and mapping out all your marketing activities, and event promotion campaigns. The greatest part of this event’s success depends on how these activities have been conducted.  When dealing with huge events, organizers have to appoint external staff, to help them get through the process. In-spite of all the hard work, and long hours invested, things may not work out as you have planned. So, no matter how large or small any event is, event marketing is needed to be properly planned. As each event is different, listed below are a few general guidelines to help you plan. You can use these tips when you organize a special day for someone.


  • ·The first step would be to get a clear understanding of entire purpose, why go for event marketing promotions. Any organizational event needs to be clear, and defined, so all the focus is used on achieving the desired goal. For instance, some events are meant to create awareness, some used to induce trial, or promote sales, etc. The idea is to analyze the result of the event, and marketing activity against all these objectives, once listed.
  • ·Your second step includes, setting the key deliverables for your event, and how many people are expected. You need to determine, what the attendees will gain from attending this event, and if it is a regular event, or just you expect a larger turnout than last year. Answer these questions, as they will help you plan the event better.
  • ·The next step is crucial because it involves performing budgets in your entire event. This step should be your top priority from the beginning. Always plan the budget in a way that you have extra money saved aside, in case of unexpected expenses. Before you even start planning your event, and hiring people, make a solid budget plan, and have someone go through it with you. Also keep in mind how much are you willing to spend, and what are the potential revenue generating factors, such as registration, or entry fee.
  • ·When selecting the date and location of your event, keep options. You should always visit a few sites, and check the facilities they have to offer before you make your decision. This process will help you plan the entire event depending on the availability, and weather conditions.
  • ·Set-up a project time-line and work backwards, start with the date of your event marketing program. Then decide a deadline for each goal, for instance the first announcement of the event, finalization of seating arrangements, preparation of promotional materials, recruiting vendors, entertainment, decorations, food, etc.
  • ·Some events may need special permission or license, and it depends on state law. If this is the case, find out, and get the permission in advance.
  • ·If your event is public, then you can use pamphlets, mail, per-printed invitations, announcement or other mediums to target audience.
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