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Description Tags –

Description tags are an important aspect of SEO. Search engines rely heavily on description tags to know who to rank. If you’re going to be doing search engine optimization, make sure your description tags are formatted properly.

Transcript of video located below.

Hello everyone, this is Michael Kuznar are with I’m here today to talk to you about the meta description tag. It is one of the more important aspects of doing search engine optimization and I’ll prove to you why. As you can see here in the sample on the website where the arrows pointing to that says meta tag or meta description tag. It is actually what comes up in search engine results when somebody Googles you.

In terms of search engine optimization, it’s pretty clear as to why this is important.

After explaining the importance of It, I’ll just show you in real time. We have your client of mine that will be will be using as an example: Vengeance Check them out if you want any home distillery equipment. We see we have here copper moonshine still for sale and in the description tag because they bold them. All the results that are coming up first have these key phrases located within their description tags and pretty much every example that we see. This isn’t a coincidence. I know it’s the same with title tags, but they look at the description tags as well. Like I said, it’s no coincidence, they are definitely putting a lot of emphasis on them. It helps search engines organize results and that helps them know who wants to rank for what. It’s very important to make sure your description tags are formatted properly.

A quick way to look at your description tags is to go to a Google Search and type in site: and then the website URL. I’ll do a quick crawl to the website that’ll basically show you all the pages that you have and what their description tags look like.

You see I did my best to make sure that we know we have lots of key phrases in all of the description tags so that they’ll come up for more keyphrases. T,o locate them in coding it’s pretty easy, they’re generally right at the top here. We see this description tag here, it’s right underneath where the title tag goes. If you’re not using a CMS like WordPress or Wix, you have to do it in the code section. Perfectly fine, very easy. Make sure you create a backup to, just in case you make any coding errors but it’s not hard. I mean they usually already have it here for you. If not you can just look up online exactly what the code formula is and then you can just insert your text here. Make sure that the sentence is no less than a 160 characters and just for reference if you want to make sure that you know exactly what size it should be, remember these are the search results that are coming up here. They’re never that long. That generally only two or three sentences tops. okay so make sure that you don’t make them too long. google doesn’t actually say exactly how many characters they would like them to be but we’re guesstimating it’s at 160. To change title tags on a WordPress website or any type of CMS they have sections for them.

I’m trying to find specifically the page I wanted to show you guys. In WordPress, I have a plug-in. This is the section for the title tag, so I will go into the description tag so you can see I write complete sentences.

I never just put in keywords and key phrases with commas. You’ll see I added a key phrase here, actually this is a whole keyphrase, another one and then another one. There I found three popular key phrases and like I said you’ll know which key phrases to use by doing keyword research which I explain one of my other videos but just make sure you write the sentence out in such a way that it’s coherent but also contains key phrases. That’s about it in terms of description tags. they’re not difficult, they’re pretty simple but they’re extremely important. make sure you don’t ignore them, always make sure you have them formatted on every page in your website because they help a lot with search engine optimization.


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