Deb’s Blogging Tips with Posterous & First VIDEO ever!

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Here’s how to use even your earliest video efforts and make them better. This was shot using my business partner’s video camera. I have used it for teaching in two of my on-line social media classes regardless of not getting things quite right — yet. The most important lessons here for me were to:

1) make it fun and educate yourself in the process,

2) Just DO it – walk past the excuses of not the right clothes, not the right time! Instead, seize the day, seize the moment.

3) Being a finisher in a world of starters… There are ALL those people out there who haven’t tired, haven’t done, haven’t started.

You have evidence, with something like this, that you CAN get started and LAUNCH.

Note: This is my 2nd, official “YouTube” channel. I created it in about 30 minutes. This video was the first one I converted to play on this channel, and the second one I loaded here. It can be done!

I edited this VERY early effort to make it a little more instructional using iMovie’11

Remember to TAG your videos so they can be found easily on YouTube! You can also add annotations to your YouTube video that can be easily updated.


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