Corporate Blogging – Converting Customers Into Raving Fans

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Blogging is a great way to create you online presence and have your say in the blogosphere of the world wide web at a minimum cost for the blog domain name and the hosting, or even for free, if you use blogging facilities such as Blogger, powered by Google Blogspot, or WordPress. In this day and age blogs are everywhere. Everyone sees to have one, from celebrities to the average Joe. People create blogs for all sorts of reasons, from personal to business. You've probably already come across many people who have been able to quit their day job because they make full-time incomes just from blogging.

Even giant corporations such as Google itself has an official blog and several unofficial blogs maintained by its employees to reach out and keep the rapport with online users. Successful companies know the importance of having blogs as a function to keep interested users, customers and followers up-to-date with its latest news and events. The RSS function of blogs, it allows its frequent readers to be kept abreast of the latest posts automatically, without have to go and check the blog every now and then. Blogging gives corporations a more human touch to their announcements and that itself builds rapport with its customers, who eventually became raving fans over time.

Blogs can also incorporate a subscriber list function, which allows visitors to leave their contact information, namely their name and email, to be sent the company's newsletters. Typically, the newsletters will include a special feature or write-up of an item of the week or month. It will also include weekly or monthly promotions. Special discounts will also be given for selected items. These e-newsletters which are usually delivered by email, will also announce special events organized by the company. As such, the company is assured of a good turnout of audience for its functions, and this keeps the customers and fans happy as they look forward to a fun and exciting time.

Top global brands such as Apple, Swatch and Nike have successfully created ardent fans who are fanatical about their products, and will go all out to quickly spread the word to recruit their friends and convert them into loyal fans too. Usually, even before launch of a new product, their fans the world over will be eagerly waiting to purchase the latest offering!

If you are a small business enterprise, you can start off your corporate blogging too, with the free Blogger facility at, provided by Google.

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