5 Common Blogging Mistakes You May not Notice But Effective

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I saw mostly internet users joining blogging to make money at home, Just for because now in 2016 Blogging is too easy, every newbie can start blog very easily, all sources already and ready made available, they just need to pay little amount for getting all.

Any ways you might be wondering what i am going to share about mistakes? It is true now mostly bloggers skip the common things, and after a time when they got bad result, they start asking their friends or in communities what is happening with them and why not got good result, so here this is i am going to share, i will notify you bloggers little mistakes, and how it can effect blog ranking and traffic.

So Your Focus can make your blog good, These things are very important for future blogging,  If you will think about future, your blog will perform faster, if you skipped some basic steps, it can hurt your blog later. So my all comments and efforts is this, to read some headings listed below.

So Fix your Blogging Mistakes and keep it mind always these things.

Image Titles & Alt tags:

Always updates Image Title and Alt tags correctly, You can scan your website with WebAverage Tool, and see how much photos having alt tags & titles on homepage, These things will help you to get traffic from google images, and index fast on google, this is also a step of keyword optimizing ing content.

Writing Contents:

1.Headings & Subheadings: Add at least 1 heading with H1 and 2 Subheadings with H3 size. if you will not done, biggest mistake in content.

2. Bold Words: Use some bold words in content for increasing the peoples attraction on content, it force users to read stuff.

3. External (Inbound links)

If you think you have your own blog, and you will not give a backlink to other site, then it’s your mistake, this is not mean you use blog links, you should at least share famous sites links in your posts, maximum linking in post will improve content, Use links like Wikipedia definitions, Google groups information, Yahoo answers, and much more.

Social Integration in Content

Put Social sharing and liking buttons in content, Why it is, it is just for because it will help readers to social bookmark content, and social bookmarking is the biggest seo role ever in blogging, it will let your blog’s post index fast on search engines, and try to comes first on google pages.

More stuff i will add later when experience more, that is why i published a content updating old posts is greatest seo role.

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