CISPA – A Bigger Nightmare Than SOPA And PIPA

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Did You Think That SOPA And PIPA Were The End??? Did You THink That Closing Of Various File-Sharing Sites Like Megaupload Was The Biggest Step Which Could Have Been Made??
If You Did, You Were WRONG!!!

This Is Because Of The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act( CISPA ) ,a United States proposed law introduced on November 30, 2011 by U.S. Representative Michael Rogers and 100 co-sponsors, Which Has Turned Out To Be A More Controversial Legistation Than PIPA And Ever SOPA!

If CISPA , Which is currently A Bill, is Passed into a Law, it will allow the government and various private bodies to share information in an effort to combat cyber threats….
So What Harm Can That Do??? Actually CISPA Goes Much Deeper than mentioned above..

While SOPA And PIPA were widely seen as Only Internet Censorship And Got Withdrawn Due To High Protest From Various People And Large organisations, CISPA Seems To Have The Support The Previous Bills Never Had… According To Sources, Facebook And Microsoft, Two of the Major present Day Internet Giants Are Also In Support Of It…

What Can This Law Enable Law Agencies To Do?

If CISPA Is Turned Into A Law, it Will be A Lot Easier For The Goverment And Various organisations To Share Information In Cases Related To Cyber Threat Or Cyber Crime…
This means your email can be intercepted and your private data can be accessed by the government or any other authorized body Without Any Notice or Information..

Some Facts About CISPA….

Though CISPA Is A US Bill, It Will Not Only Affect Americans But People All over The World!!!
According to blog post in EFF, “The idea is to facilitate detection of and defense against a serious cyber threat, but the definitions in the bill go well beyond that. The language is so broad it could be used as a blunt instrument to attack websites like The Pirate Bay or WikiLeaks.”

It Does Look Like A Good Way Which Will Allow Organisations To Fight Cyber Crime Effectively, But Still It Can Clamp Down On Internet Freedom And Can Change The Way  We Use The Internet Today...
CISPA will allow monitoring, censorship And alteration of Any Online Conversation Lihe Chat,Email etc..
This Means That Your Message might be changed before it reaches it destination….

Will There Ba Any Protest Against This Bill??
Although A Blackout Happened On 18th january Against SOPA which resulted in this Bill Being Taken Back, It Is Unlikely That Any Such Blackout will happen This time, But The Bill already Has A hashtag on twitter and protest is going on Avaaz website.
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