Censorship on Social Media has become so pervasive it is insane

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Censorship on Social Media has become so pervasive it is insane. We are not talking about judicious use of algorithms, we are talking outright blackout of content.


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Real Progressives is building an extra-political, organization to include policy, education, activism and media. We will make a difference REGARDLESS of who is in office. We are far more than MMT however, everything that involves funding is 1000% based in macroeconomic reality. Without a mass movement of the people around the country and the world, austerity will reign supreme. We do not need a New monetary system, we just need competent people who understand economics to guide it. The progressive movement MUST understand EXACTLY how the system works and forsake ALL myths and legends to be effective. If you want to see change. If you want to see a progressive movement outside the party system… ready to take direct action, Join us at Real Progressives.

Our knowledge areas include

Economic Justice
Environmental and Ecological Justice
Peace with Justice
Equality with Justice
Health and Nutrition
Technology and Innovation

We need all of you to get onboard.

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