CALCULUS PRESENTED BY GUO CHENG GUANG(aged 11) and Guo Chengxi (aged 8)(07-14)

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GUO CHENG GUANG (11 years old, Primary 5 from YUMIN Primary School)
GUO CHENGXI( 8 years old, Primary 2 from YUMIN Primary School)
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Lessons In Mathematics and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) From Primary to University Presented By Guo Cheng Guang and Guo Chengxi In English. Your comment or suggestion is very much appreciated.
更多关于承光(11岁)和承曦(8岁)用英文开讲从小学到大学的数学和科学(物理,化学和生物)视频. 欢迎您来点评赐教。


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