But it seemed to be an open rebuke to your readers and

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First sporting activity, I played for the White Sox at Normandy Baseball Park. I didn want to put down a bat since. Bat a 34 inch, 33 ounce maple one, to be precise is back in his hands again. Upon reading your opening statement, I was refreshed to see a journalist respond to his readers with disgust towards unwelcome use of the words “gay” and “retarded” as substitutes for “bad” or “stupid.” I find both of those words offensive, distasteful and unpleasant when used as insults or negative adjectives very classless indeed. But it seemed to be an open rebuke to your readers and commentors, not just the Redskins fans who responded to your Hall of Fame opinions about Art Monk. It seems to me that your readers and commentors must primarily be Texans or Cowboys fans.

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