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Many people ask the question, how do you actually make money from blogging and since more and more people pick up the idea that blogging can make money, it now one of the hot topic everywhere. You can see or hear stories about how an 8 year old making money from blogging, a taxi driver now making money from blogging, a housewife with zero computer knowledge can still make money from blogging …. and many more.

Well it's true that we can make money from blogging but you also need to know that there's a lot of hard work involved along the way. Money do not just fall from the sky with you actually doing nothing.

So first thing first, when you decided to start blogging, it will be an ongoing thing. You do not just set up a blog the first two weeks and leave it there on the web and expect money to start rolling in. If you think of doing that, I can assure you that it will just be collecting dust on the web (if you can actually see dust piling on the internet)

Blogging needs to be done consistently through. Well, I am not asking you to start writing or updating you blog every day! It just need to be constant, maybe every 3 to 5 days, you need to update your blog with fresh content. This way you can attract readers interested in what you are writing to come back again and again.

So what are you going to blog about? Topics on what you can actually blog is too big for me to list down. You can basically blog about everything from the fish in the sea to the stars on the outer space. But are you really going to blog about things that you are not familiar with? I will not do that even if I have all the time in the world, I will not blog about things that I am not familiar or good at.

The easiest and the best thing to blog is about things that you are familiar with or good at. Build your blog around things that you are good at. The internet community is so big there bound to be someone out there that shares your same interest. It might not be big but there will still be some.

Building your blog around things that you are familiar or good at can bring your blog a long way. For a simple reason, you can write topics and topics about something that you know and thing can actually bring your blog a long way. It just does not make any sense for anyone to start blogging about things that they do not even know the head nor the tail even if the Gurus say that it is a very good and lucrative topic that people everywhere are looking for right now.

My advise is for those who are still wandering about what they should blog about, you just need to make sure that you choose something that you are familiar or good at and blog about it. You will get constant flow of readers who are interested or share the same interest about your topic easier than if you are going to attract blog about something that you are not familiar with. If you try to blog about something that you are not familiar with, it will not help much if you are trying to build authority and at most you can only attract search engine spiders to come to your blog but not real readers who are interested in your topic.

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