BT TV, Broadband & Phone Packages and Offers

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BT TV, Broadband and Phone service is provided by British Telecom (BT) in United Kingdom. It is one of world’s largest telecommunications services companies providing its services in more than 170 countries around the globe. Not only one of the world’s largest but it is also the world’s oldest company that offers telecommunication services.

Using services of BT (TV, Broadband and Phone Offers) could give you following advantages;

  • Using BT broadband service you can have a faster, secure and broadband internet. BT is the only broadband service in UK that also provides you a free Wi-Fi service.
  • Using BT Broadband service you get free internet security and free online storage to let you store your precious data files.
  • BT offers come up with the cheapest line rent, as you only need to pay £11.75 per month line rent.
  • BT services provide free phone & online help and support to its customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, without any extra charges.
  • YouView is recently launched by a joint venture between UK’s well-known companies which also include BT. Using BT YouView technology; you can pause, play, record and rewind all of your favorite shows. BT YouView lets you store up to a playback of 300 hours.

BT TV Packages:

All of the BT TV Packages provide you the entertainment of watching more than 70 Freeview TV channels and radio channels. They also provide access to BT library to watch on-demand shows that include Latest blockbuster films, Kids shows, Music and much more with any advertisements to become a hurdle. Having more than 12,000 shows and music videos BT holds the largest video-on-demand library. BT TV Packages include;

  • TV Essential- £5 for TV Pack
  • TV Essential Extra- £7 for TV Pack
  • TV Unlimited Extra- £15 for TV Pack

BT Phone Packages:

BT offers phone packages that could help you save on the specific calls which you make the most. You need to choose a specific calling plan which will sound most beneficial for you. Their basic phone packages include;

  • Unlimited Weekend Calls – £0 + Line rental – £15.45 monthly.
  • Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calls – £2 + Line rental – £15.45 monthly.
  • Unlimited Anytime Calls – £7 + Line rental – £15.45 monthly.

For those users who have to do international calls BT also offers discounted international calls and has two International Add-ons for users to choose from.

BT Broadband Packages:

BT offers broadband services 8 times faster than an average broadband service in UK. Along with free BT Wi-Fi, Internet security and online storage they also offer free BT Sport.

Broadband packages include;

  • Broadband – £10 + Line rental £15.45 monthly.
  • Unlimited Broadband – £16 + Line rental £15.45 monthly.
  • Unlimited Broadband Extra – £21 + Line rental £15.45 monthly.
  • BT Infinity 1 Superfast Broadband – £23 + Line rental £15.45 monthly.
  • BT Infinity 2 Superfast Broadband – £26 + Line rental £15.45 monthly.
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