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BT Broadband is one of the fastest broadband services present in the UK at the moment, not just twice or thrice but up to 8 times faster than the average broadband. Before discussing Bt broadband deals let’s quickly get an overview of it. The best thing about this BT broadband is that no matter which package the user chooses, he is provided with an access to the largest Wifi network of BT. To get an idea of what the word “largest” really means here, there are 5 million public hotspots present within UK that gives the user a complete relaxation to operate from anywhere in the country. All the user requires is a particular laptop, net book or an Android or iOS phone. The best part being that there is no complications attached with BT no matter which BT  the user opts for, all he needs to do is click on BT Wi-Fi on the devices when it’s scanning for available networks.


There are many Bt phone and broadband deals which are offered to its users depending on his or her needs or requirements, it will not be easy to go profound in each deal, hence let’s focus on the top deals that BT offers. Talking about the deal “BT Broadband with free sports”, this deal not only promises to provide 16Mb speed and usage up to 10Gb but also a free $50 Sainsbury’s Gift card that proves BT values its customers. Along with these luxuries a free BT sports 1, sports 2 and ESPN is also offered, even the router is provided free of cost. The price of this package is just 10 pounds exclusive of line rent; a package at such a cheap rate is surely the best bargain for a student.

Another BT broadband deal that needs to be highlighted here is the one that offers TV essential with Youview box free of cost, along with evening and weekend calls as well as guaranteeing all those points which were stated in deals earlier mentioned. This may seem one expensive deal from the amount of things it offers to its customers but it is just of 16 pounds per month.

Along with these there are many other broadband deals which can be classified in to featured, BT infinity and BT Youview depending on the needs of its user. Therefore switching to BT could help in making life simpler like the millions of family did. The best part being that in order to switch from current broadband to BT broadband they have made it quick, easy and painless to switch with no break in the service of their customer.

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