Blogger Vs WordPress – What is Better? Blogspot or WordPress

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Blogspot or WordPress - Comperison between blogger vs wordpress

Blogspot or WordPress – Comperison between blogger vs wordpress

Blogspot or WordPress

It is Very Difficult to Choose Platform blogspot or wordpress what is best is it right? Now i will explain here Why you should choose platform and in which base you should choose which platform I will Compare All Services and plans and told you and can explain you easily which one is best.

Actually both platform is best now Just Plan Your Budget and See which one you can afford and manage Easily .Be Ensure Which one you can manage.

This is the Table Given Below Focus on this and check comparison between blogspot or wordpress


Blogspot or WordPress - Comparison between blogger vs wordpress

Blogspot or WordPress – Comparison between blogger vs wordpress

A Explanation Given for The Table for Difference between Blogger and WordPress

1. Getting Started : (Blogger Better)

Blogger : In blogger platform very easy to Start a Blog they dont require any money or code knowledge just need to sign up there and Create your blog with your own step and design they will provide you design and templates free no need coding knowledge Do check : How to create free blog in blogger

WordPress :In WordPress Platform little hard to start 1st we need a Self hosting and little coding knowledge for Install WordPress but Some Hosting Companies providing 1 click Worpress installation like You can also Build Your WordPress on official wordpress site but they take money for hostings and domain its expensive self hosted wordpress is better .

2. Expenses On Blog (Blogger Better)

Blogger : its 100% free Started blogger provide free domain with subdomain you can choose it for free budget.

WordPress : You can also install free wordpress there is many free hosting provider but its limited and you have not fully control on it. But WordPress self hosted require little budget.

3. Framework (WordPress Better)

Blogger : Blogger have very limited Framework

WordPress : WordPress is open source Framework can do any thing in Template and Plugins Editor

4. Seo (WordPress Better)

Blogger : Blogger have limited Seo Work and little hard to do seo because we need to do seo manually in blogger.
Do Check :
WordPress : WordPress have Friendly SEO Work there is many free plugins for do seo in WordPress like (All in one Seo Pack for WordPress) we can do seo friendly in posts and pages by adding meta tags etc. This biggest SEO feature is Full permalink Structure .
Do Check
  • How to Do Seo in WordPress Posts and Pages using AIO Seo Pack (Upcomming)
  • Best SEO Base Permalinks Structure for Your WordPress Posts, pages and catagories.

5. Widgets :  (WordPress Better)

For Blogger : Widgets for Blogger is very limited and only recommended widgets availbale

For WordPress : As i told WordPress is open source framework we can find very large numbers on widgets and plugins mostly are free. Our life will finished but plugins for WordPress never ever 😛

6. Ecommerce (WordPress Better)

For Blogger : Ecommerce for Blogger is impossible there is no cart script for blogger but a master coder can sell his little product through blogger manually but no one do this.

For WordPress : Ecommerce for WordPress we can build up very beautifull buy and sell online site using wordpress there is many  plugins for wordpress like WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress is great plugin which allow us to add products and mange it.

7. Hosting (blogger Better)

Blogger : Blogger hosted on Google because its launches by Google it is also hosted on google servers we are not able to make some changes for hosting Google have fully controls on blogger hosting.
WordPress : Its self Hosted WordPress even we can use WordPress hosting on starting with subdomain in but after some time they require some money so peoples only download the script from and install it manually you can also install WordPress for free on free hosting there is many free hosting providers

8. Post Pages (WordPress Better)

Blogger :
WordPress :

10. Seo Page Indexing on google  (Blogger Better)

Blogger : In seo blogger index page within 24 hour. This is biggest benefit for blogger.
WordPress : WordPress page index on google take almost 2 days but we can do seo friendly in wordPress.

11. Plugins (WordPress Better)

Read 5th heading Widgets sam as.

12. Design (WordPress Better)

Blogger : it have very limited designs and not looks professional only base on xml design we can little change only not fully customization.
WordPress : As i told wordpress is open source framework and it have alot of themes many free and many are premium with fully customization panels.

13. Security (Both Better)

Blogger : Google have controls for blogger they remove blogs some times its not secure.
WordPress : You have fully control of Your WordPress if it will hack or changes have been made then can recover and undo easily there are many masters in WordPress.

14 Backup (Both Better)

Blogger : Simply You can download Your blog its very easy to backup and restore. You can download template and blog content and file is also smart.
Do check
  • How to backup for your Blogger blog Download and Restoring Blog
  • How to backup for Template downloading and Restoring the template.
WordPress :  Its little hard to backup for WordPress You need tu backup for sql through php admin. and much more
Do check : 5 Ways to backup for your WordPress blog Full Explain.

15. Languages (WordPress Better)

Blogger : Blogger have only 50 Languages its fixed
WordPress :WordPress have upto 200 languages and we can add more languages too.

16. Catagories tags lables (WordPress Better)

Blogger : Blogger contains only with lables its called also categories and we can not make sub categories
WordPress :WordPress have complete categories and menu options also drop down css menu and we can add seprate tags into posts and Sub categories too

17. Import Contents (WordPress Better)

Blogger : We can import contents only from blogger to blogger not from other but one way to import contents from WordPress tutorial given below.
Do Check : How to Import Contents WordPress to Blogger.
WordPress :WordPress have complete options to import contents from Blogger, Tumbler , WordPress and from many other sources.

18. Team Blog (WordPress Better)

Blogger : can add only authors and Admin
WordPress :Users can register there for a account and WordPress also can add subscriber , Authors, Admin, Moderator and much more.

19. Image Storage (WordPress Better)

Blogger : Blogger use our Picassa Storage and can use only 1Gb.
WordPress : WordPress base on self hosting its image storage seems like unlimited.

20. Galleries (WordPress Better)

Blogger : No Galleries Functions
WordPress : Complete Gallery and Media adding Editing Functions many 3rd party plugins Galleries are free to add.

21. Contact (WordPress Better)

Blogger : No Contact Form Need to Use 3rd Party
Do Check :
  • How to add Contact form for your blog
  • How to Add Guest Posting form for your blog
WordPress :Can Add Contact form anywhere by adding this tag to any post/page [contact-form] .

22. Customization (WordPress Better)

Explained in 3rd Heading

24. Discussion (WordPress Better)

Blogger : No Discussion only Commenting system only can use 3rd party commenting system but no customization
Do check : 
WordPress : Once again i need to tell last time WordPress have open source framwork can customize fully Comments Box Can add sum of comments widgets can Customize fully and add Social links etc much more.
Do Check :
  • Add Facebook Comments to WordPress
  • Add Discussion Forum Tab to WordPress
So i think I explained alot ? you must should give me a feedback plz share your Comments and Give me Credits your Credit give me more power to make more contents which can help you alot. 
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