BLOGGING TIPS: The Potluck Exercise

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BLOGGING TIPS: THE POTLUCK EXERCISE. Whether you are blogging for money or wondering what blogging benefits there are, this video – the first in a blogging course – will provide you with invaluable blogging tips to help you have blogging success! This blogging YouTube video provides a guide on blogging for beginners as well as great blogging hacks and blogging ideas. Whether you are a blogging beginner, or have been blogging for a while, the blogging inspiration provided in this blogging video will blow your mind!

This video, which forms part of the blogging course provided within the Next Level Practice community provides insight into making use of the ‘Potluck Exercise’ to create a blog post. This involves imagining you’re at a potluck and someone asks you about your ideal client, what would you say?

What are going to be the questions, 5-deep, that someone would ask you?

‘Blogging Tips: The Potluck Exercise’ will give you a great start to blogging with blogging design, blogging examples, blogging definition, and blogging help. The blogging course also provides insight into blogging on WordPress, as well as blogging styles and blogging themes.

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