Blogging tips series ! Day 2 ! Blog k liye topic kaise choose kre? (ye video dekho samajh aa jyega)

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This is the second video of blogging tips video series.
In this video i answered the most ask questions like.

How to choose topic for your blog??

Passion or profitable niche what is good for blogging and making money??

Ways of monetizing a website so that you can earn more??

How much time it take to make money with blogging??

How much you can expect from your blog??

Best niche for blog to make money??

Is video series me apko blogging se related har sawal ka jawab mil jayega.

Niche kaise choose kre jab bhi hm blogging karte hai ye sawal ata hai.
Konsa niche choose kre.
Is video me maine apko btaya hua hai ki apke liye konsa niche better hai.

Apke har sawaal ka jawab dene k liye ye series bnayi hai maine agr apko video pasand ayi hai to please channel ko subscribe kre.

How to choose best Profitable topic for your blog-for beginners.
If you are a blogger and if you are newbie you are at the right place don’t worry i will help you read this whole article.

Finding topic/niche for your blog is simple but it is very important step if you choose wrong niche/topic for your blog then it may decrease the chances of your success or your blog success.

when we are try to find the niche we have remember 3 things.

1-choose your topic in which you have interest or you have knowledge.
( i am not saying that if you are not expert in your topic/niche you will fail no. i am saying that choose the topic in which you have interest.

2-It should be profitable.
(If you want to make a carrier in blogging and if you want to make money from blogging then before choosing any topic/niche for your blog please consider this point.)

3-Go Deep not Wide.
(if you are new in blogging and want to be successful as soon as possible then always remember this point)

Now let’s dive in.

1-choose topic/niche in which you have interest or you have knowledge.
why i am saying that choose topic/niche in which you have interest or you have knowledge there is a reason behind it.

when you choose topic/niche in which you are not interested then after 1 month you start thinking that no one is reading my content, no one is commenting on my blog and after 6 month my be you will quit blogging.

read this care fully if you write worlds best blog on your website no one start commenting and sharing your content on the first day.

If you do best seo , if you write best quality content whenever you will not see any organic traffic to your site.

why-Because google takes time to trust your content and your seo skills start giving result after 5-6 months.

but people think no one is reading so why i will write and quit blogging.

you will see growth like hockey stick if you stick to your blogging goals.

And if you choose topic/niche in which you are interested in you will do blogging if no one is reading and if no one is commenting because you love the process you have interest in that particular niche.

The harsh truth of blogging it takes time before you will see any income and this is one of the reason you want to blog.

Every blogger in the world tell you choose topic/niche in which you are interesting in. Because of simple reason, you will not quit blogging in early phase, and you can run your blog for a long time.

so choose your niche according to your interest and if you confuse because you have many interest so don’t worry read this whole article you will get your answer.

before going point number 2.

I am going to tell you what you will do if you have more then 1-2-3 interest and you are confuse, what to choose.

So now please take a notepad and write down your all interest it may be 2 or 3 or 10 it does not matter. so write down your your all interest in a notepad.

now i want to ask you some question and you have to give answer in yes or no.

question-1- Do you think you can publish more then 60 articles in your blog?

question-2-Do you think people will interested in your blog?

question-3-Do you think you can help people through your blog?

question-4-Do you think you can learn more in your niche so you can help more people?

Now you know what is your right niche for your blog. still confuse?

comment down below i will reply you as soon as possible.

2-It should be profitable.
Okay so now you know what is your niche/topic for your blog.

Now the next step is you have to find out that your niche/topic is profitable or not.

Because if you don’t find it in starting then may be after 1-2 years you will regret.
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