Blogging mistakes: Things not to do when you start a blog

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Blogging mistakes: Things not to do when you start a blog

All the following Blogging mistakes create a vital role when you start a blog. it will be a better practice if you keep in mind the following steps.

1. Blogging mistakes: Spending too much time on searching your domain name.

This is the first mistakes when we start a blogging. We think the perfect domain name will bring all the traffic. That tricks used to work in 2006 but not now. Now you have to work on SEO to drive traffic. Of course, you have to be little bit selective while choosing a domain name. Do not spend days to hunting down the perfect domain name.

2. Blogging mistakes: Start a niche which able to make money but you are not passionate about it.

The big mistakes we did when we only run after money by blogging. If you choose a topic for blogging which you don’t love then how long you can carry on. Choose to write what you love. For what you can spend a long time without losing interest. This way you will be focused on your subject on a long run and your content will be great. People will love to follow you by reading your article.

3. Blogging mistakes: starting a blog with a free blogging site.

With a free blogging platform, you are making money for others. If you are able to stick to your goal, someday you will defiantly succeed and will want to switch to in depended platform. Where you can do things in your own way. After building you Emperor you definitely don’t want to change your ground. So choose it wisely at the beginning of your career.

4. Blogging mistakes: buying a bad web Hosting service.

Ask them who suffers it. In the initial level you might be planning to keep you budget low but in long term, you will be the sufferer. Especially when you targeting for higher traffic. The cheap web hosting will won’t be able to handle traffic pressure.

5. Blogging mistakes: spending too much money to build a blog.

There are several services you will find helpful to build a blog. They might cheap or expensive. Even if you use cheap service to optimize your site, you will end up with huge expenses. Try to avoid that. Some service might help you don’t which is essential at the beginning. So it is recommended not to spend more. You can do that later.

6. Blogging mistakes: not investing in yourself to acquire knowledge.

Knowledge is power, right? What we are doing here is sharing knowledge. And somebody will follow you when they’ll find you helpful, genius and knowledgeable. So spend on you. Get the knowledge. Even you can spend money for that then spend time. There are lots of free sources out there. Instate of spending money, invest your time.

7. Blogging mistakes: not following the proper steps to write a blog.

You can click the link (, to know the blue print of writing article. Otherwise, research to write which will drive traffic and as well as creating great content. At the end of the day, you will realize, content is king in this field.

8. Blogging mistakes: Not making a step by step things to do list.

Make things to do list for every day or to maintain your regularity. It will keep you on track. For example, write the sequence of your blog, how many social media to follow regularly, how many posts to do, to maintain your regularity.

9. Blogging mistakes: Not interacting with social media.

It’s a common tangency not to interacting your site with social media. Some body gives up after some days. It’s a very helpful and free traffic driving source. The power of social reflects in a longer run. The follower you want doesn’t build in a day.

10. Blogging mistakes: Giving up.

Blogging business is kind of planting and growing your plants. Plants don’t give you fruits in a day and you don’t know which plant will give you the fruits. But you know, if you give some time and deal with the difficulties of growing plant, you will get the fruits. So don’t give up.

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Blogging mistakes: Things not to do when you start a blog




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