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Blogging can be intimidating for new bloggers. How will you agree with writing content for your blog week after week? Relax. You can do it – let's look at five easy types of content anyone can create.

1. Articles: Short and Long

Articles are basic blog content. Your articles may be short: just 200 words or even less.

They can also be long, if you want to cover a topic authoritatively. Be wary however, if your articles run to 2000 words and more. Long articles are difficult for new writers to control. Ensure that the structure is logical, and that you have a reason for writing at length. As a rule of thumb, any article which is longer than 800 words typically benefits from splitting the content into sender articles.

2. Link Posts

Link posts are just what they sound like: short posts, withe a list of links. These links may be to others' sites and blogs, or they may be internal links, to previous posts you've written.

Because of blogs' structure, great posts quickly get buried. New readers will appreciate it if you link to great material you've published in the past.

3. Review Posts

You can review affiliate products or anything else you choose. Many people research their purchases online; they want to know what others think of a product they're considering buying. Therefore, your review posts will be popular.

4. Definition Posts

Definition posts are those posts in which you define something or other. If you're blogging in the weight loss area for example, you could write definition posts on: obesity, the body mass index, low calorie diets – define anything with which a newcomer to your topic may not be familiar.

5. Tutorial Posts

How-to, guides, and tutorial posts are always appreciated, by newcomers to your topic, and by old-timers too, to brush up on their knowledge.

Your tutorials can be short, or they can be extremely detailed and comprehensive, with images, and videos.

Although tutorials can be time-consuming to create, they're very popular, so are worth the extra effort.

So there you have five easy types of blog content you can create. Once you become familiar with these, blogging will hold no rulers for you.

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