BBTS Blogging Tips 5 Myths about starting a blog That Will Fail You.

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BBTS Blogging Tips 5 Myths about starting a blog That Will Fail You.

Here are 5 blogging myths I’ve nailed on the head so that you don’t have to worry about them:(comments aren’t all that important by the way, it’s totally a preference, but they do have the potential to build relationships)

1. You Have To Be An Absolute Expert. You don’t have to be a master in your niche before you start a blog. You don’t have to know everything. As long as you’re a few steps ahead of your readers, that’s ok. You can learn along with your audience. You just need to be able to solve problems and provide value.

2. Everything Needs To Be Perfect. There’s always something to improve or fix. Your blog will always be evolving. It’s ok if your blog isn’t flawless. It’s ok if it’s rough. It’s better to start now than to wait until you think it’s ready.

3. It Only Takes Five Minutes And It’s Easy As Eating Pie. Everywhere online you see claims like, “start your blog in five minutes!” While it can be easy to get the barebones set up, it takes a lot more work and effort to launch a successful blog. It can be a nightmare actually. But there are proven methods that work

4. It’s Going To Take Ages To See Any Results. Some people never figure out what it means to run a successful blog. So they end up blogging for years before they achieve their goals.

5. People Will Fall Out Of The Sky And Subscribe To Your Blog. This is one of the most ridiculous beliefs about the Internet. It’s not a magical portal that sends you subscribers. In fact, you won’t get any subscribers at all unless you know how and where to get them.


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