AutoPublish Your blog posts to Facebook – Twitter – linkedin With TwitterFeed

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Hi My dearest blogcheer fans in this content i will tell you how you can make a auto publish feed with a good application web site, here is i have great online application which post my web site posts on twitter and facebook and LinkedIn automatically with good description its save my time alot, so lets start a tutorial

Onlune Autopublish feed tool link here

Step1 >> Go to the and signup for a account create a free account.
step 2 >> click on create new feed.

 Step 3 >> in Feed Name Enter Your Website Title Name like BlogCheer
 Step 4 >> in 2nd box enter your blog url or feed url if you dont know then visit : How to : Find your Default Rss or Atom feed URL for Blogger and WordPress
 You can check by clicking on test rss feed it will show you Feed parsed ok 
Now click on Nexr and continue.

Step 5 >> After Created feed click on Twitter or Facebook.

After click on Facebook option this page will open up click on connect to facebook and authorize your account with twitterfeed, after it will show you pages option and your profile option make some your own customization and continue next.

Must check that its active or not and continue.

Thats it it was very easy i posted screenshots because you can learn it easily 🙂

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