How-to Appeal to Facebook Unblock your Website / Blog Link and Keep Sharing

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Are you blogger or webmaster? If yes may have to face this problem in future or maybe you are facing this problem, it was happen to me also so I research and get success now it’s time to share with you all guys.

You can save this article for future may on any corner you will face this because Facebook does not hear anything from us there admin and robots always do their own.

How to Remove Unwanted / Spam Apps from Your Facebook Account

Why Facebook Block or Ban Website or Blog Link

Facebook Ban sites because of many issues the all reasons are listed below

  • Sharing Spam Links
  • Sharing SSL Links
  • Sharing Blog links with multi posters
  • Using Bots tools
  • Or any Illegal service that are against to Facebook TOS

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Appeal Facebook to unblock your website

Appeal Facebook to unblock your website

How you can Appeal to Facebook to unblock your blog link?

Appeal is very easy to do Facebook, when you will appeal to Facebook, they will read reviews and check what is problem and scan links with security scanner if link will be secure for Facebook users they will unban link from directory. There is 2 ways to appeal , 1st is while sharing links when a box appear this link is blocked  there is a text at the end of the box appeal to unban it.

And 2nd way here is the direct form link from where you can make appeal to Facebook easily.

The Specific form link here

What you have to write on form?

What you did try to post for?

Example type : My Bog Posts

2. Your Blog or Website link


3. Explain why you think it’s an error?

Example: I don’t want to make any spam and there was a mistake because of a spam app my website banned here next time i will be careful, kindly accept my appeal and unban it from server.

Appeal Facebook to unblock your website

Appeal Facebook to unblock your website

Once you completed the form submit this to Facebook they will review it and unblock it as soon as possible.

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