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Top and best Google Adsense Alternatives

Here is Best And Top Google AdSense alternatives you can use it if you don’t want to use Google AdSense or if you Stuck with Google AdSense or may be Google AdSense is not approving you and you also use these publisher networks with Google AdSense because with Google AdSense policy there is no ban to use other publisher with AdSense you can use it. I also use on some of my blogs.

There is no doubt Google adsense is best more than all publishers because it is a Google company and pay more than all companies with normally blog you can make at least 100$ per month must. Well I shared some best Adsense alternatives you would like to use them. Because I experienced with all networks.

About Google Adsense

What you say and what I say no matters but Google adsense is world famous and best publisher and high paying network mostly bloggers and home workers use this on their blogs. And earning ton of amount if you have any skills you can start a blog and make money at home.

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Adsense Features:

  • Available for Games, Videos
  • Also Show ads on Mobile
  • High CPC more than all
  • No Signup Fee
  • Easy Payment Modes
  • Multiple users interface
  • Site Management
  • Show ads on multiple website

Adsense Payment Methods:

  • Western Union.
  • International Check.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer.

1. Media.Net

This is Yahoo & Bing advertising and Bing Network it is best AdSense alternative we also using this publisher network on our Blogcheer and I am getting a good volume of earning now I am also going to use Advertiser network on EATHOSTING so you can apply there easily just go there and press on Request invite and fill up a form with your details and once you submitted they will take 12 hours to take a review of your application once approved enjoy the yahoo publisher ads but if your blog does not approve then you should go for read a terms and Condition Page and read the basic requirements.

Basic Requirements:

  • 100+ Visitors per day.
  • 500+ Pageviews per day.
  • Legal and good text ratio contents.
  • Should not use copyright stuff.

Payment Methods

  • Paypal.
  • Bank Transfer.
  • Check


This is also one of another famous publisher network who pay very faster money more then other networks they allow blogger to place live ads on their sites and get paid if their sites have good quantity of visitors and Addynamo does not take time or they have not any stick policy for getting approval they approve applications within minutes. They also pay money for tweets if you have ton of twitter flowers you can get paid to tweet about someone business review.

3. Chtika is one of another famous publisher and advertising network before a year ago mostly peoples use this network because in 2010 were only 2 famous networks 1st was adsense and 2nd was chitika. So I am still using this on my some sites recently chitika has changed their complete interface and increased the volume of CPC and RPM.

Payment Methods

Paypal only

One of my using valueclickmedia and he told me good bye adsense now valueclickmedia is rock he is earning more than 5000$ per month through this publisher network they really pay high revenue.

I also applied today for one of my site so let’s see how is this network but you can also try this I heard this is very great network.

5. Technorati Media

They are operating large quantity of social media network. Both networks advertising and publisher. As they told and explained a lot of information about their company and told they make record in world paying good CPM and CPC Rates.

Join Technorati Media

I never used this advertising network but I shared this because a lot of great and large advertisers use this network to promote their business and if advertiser quantity large and they are happy then It seems publisher networks also should good so you may also try this out.

But they have very strick approval policy I don’t know why.

  1. A minimum of 500,000 unique users per month
  2. Highly targeted, relevant and regularly updated content for which the publisher is directly responsible
  3. A professional and attractive site design
  4. An active user base
  5. Its own top-level domain URL


Admaya is a indian publisher network but anyone can use it easily they pay mostly 2 Rs for 1 click it means you will get 1$ on 20 Clicks it is also very less but network is good you can get approval easily and can use publisher advertising ads on your site easily.

Payment Methods

Paypal, Payza, wire transfer,

More Adsense Alternatives coming soon.

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