8 Reasons Why You should not Publish Guest Posts on your Blog

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here is 8 reasons why you should not guest postsGuest posts means writing an article for someone. These authors give a specific article to the owner of different blogs. But one thing you might have not noticed that there is a link back in these articles, and these articles are written just to get the link back for the author’s website. Now a days, one thing you might have noticed that many bloggers have stopped accepting guest posts. Don’t know why? Because Guest posts can kill your blog. Today, I am going to share with our readers why you shouldn’t publish guest posts on your blog

Here 8 Reasons Explained Should Not Publish Guest Posts.

1. Guest posts are written just for a back link:

One of the main reasons why I stopped accepting guest posts is because they are written only to get a back link. There is no doubt that these articles are really well written but they don’t have anything that grab the viewers attention. As Far we had written about Google dofollow Penalty is coming. Once Google penalized your website very difficult to recover from Google penalty, so be careful before publishing guest article. Google don’t like any spam link or any do-follow link, you should consider on your blog, your all links should be no-follow, here is a guide how know links are dofollow or nofollow.

2. Are guest posts not quality content:

There is no doubt that many authors write quality guest posts but there are some who just write it to get the back link. So, you have to check it properly before publishing it. you can analyze a high quality and low quality content easily. if you are a experienced writer or author. otherwise we had written a guide for beginners in past. How to Identify Low Quality Content.

3. Decline in Traffic:

If you are publishing guest posts and don’t see any improvement in traffic or getting a decline in traffic  then allowing guest posts on your blog is not a best option. No improvement In traffic or decline in traffic means only one thing that your viewers are not paying attention to your blog just because of guest posts. if you are publishing guest posts on your blog for just only traffic, then it is your big mistake, Guest posts are free and those kind of posts are not qualified or not beneficial for readers, you have to try out some alternate techniques for getting some good traffic on your website. 17 Easy Ways to Increase Traffic.

4. Grammatically strong but research wise not good:

Many author write guest posts just for getting a back link. When you read out their complete article you will find one thing that they have no research related to the topic. It’s nothing more than a bag of words with nothing interesting.

5. Your writing v/s guest author writing:

If you have published some guest posts and didn’t see any improvement then check the stats of your website, and find those articles which grab the most attention in the recent time.  If in these articles if your written articles got more attention then it only means one thing that readers want to read your written content and they are ignoring the guest author’s written content.

There is also more and lots of difference between your and guest post, even you getting guest posts free or buying articles, but a guest authors do not know, what your blog’s actual need, they just write post for their backlink or for just money.

6. When you are publishing too many guest posts:

If you are publishing too many guest posts and didn’t see any improvement in traffic then it means that you have to stop publishing that content and write something unique in your own words.

7. Boring articles:

One thing that I noticed in guest posts that they are really boring and are not readers friendly. That  article which are written only for blog text/ratio increasing or for backlink, which article has not any mean, or readers doest not have any interest in article, that are boring articles do not publish it.

8. Guest writer posts only for a link:

Many bloggers write only for getting a back link. Their articles are not properly written and don’t have anything that can grab the viewers attention.

Finally I would like to tell you if you are a blogger then write something in your own words and if you are getting a decline in a traffic then it only means one thing guest posts are not for you brother.

But BlogCheer – How to Blog Approve Guest Posts you can submit us any time a guest post.

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