8 Lessons – Learn How A Lady Make Money Online 1310 USD In Only 18 Days!

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Here are some lessons and tips to support you making money from home since we learned recently that a lady earned $1310 making money online within just 18 days using some of these lessons, online marketing tools, resources and ideas. 


Lesson 1 – Set up some free classified ads online on a daily basis. These can help you to share your message with the right audience.


Here are a small number of classified ad options you can use:








Lesson 2 – Use article providers where you can share your information, but not in a spam like way. One good article platform is Article Base where you can share useful content. 


Lesson 3 – Create a blog so you can also share valuable content with your audience. 


There are 3 options you can use for blog creation: 



Word Press

Blogger – Google 


There are many more blog options. 


Lesson 4 – Use social media websites / groups to share your information. Here are some platforms you can use: 








There are many more social media options. 


Lesson 5 – Email existing contacts or use email safe lists to connect with the right audience. 


Here are many you can use, and some examples here are.   


Almighty-Safe list



Safe List King


There are other email options you can use to connect with the right people to get positive results. 


Lesson 6 – Use PR existing websites to share your content. Here some examples for FREE press releases at:







Lesson 7 – Set up a landing page so people can opt-in giving you their name and email details. You can build up a relationship with them to share your products and services.


To create landing pages you can use tools like:



Word Press




Some key factors to note that can help with conversions on your landing page to increase the numbers of people that sign ups.


The “Headline” what is says about your offer, product, service

The colours used can make a difference so you can test them to see what colours work best

Split A/B test 2 different landing pages to access what works best and get best conversions based on the traffic sent to the two landing pages.   

What is your USP for your visitors. This helps visitors to understand the benefits, values, solutions, positive outcomes, the pleasures from your product / service.   

A video can help with increasing conversion rates.  

Keep your page simple and easy for users to navigate so they are able to progress in the right direction to your opt-in / sign up form.

Clear “Call To Action” so they give you their email and name details.  


Lesson 8 – Set up an “email auto responder system” so people that opt-in to your landing page receive email updates from you. This can be emails 2 / 3 time per week to build the trust and relationship.


Getresponse is 1 email system for the auto responder.   


Hope you found all these 8 lessons, systems, traffic sources, resources, ideas and tools valuable. You should since there are people using these ideas who made $320 with the first 48 hours. Plus there are other who have built up a full time monthly income online using these.


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To your great success, a Better & Far More Pleasant Life Style! 


Source by Dwight Harrison

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