7 Neat SEO Tricks for 2017 | Ep. #192

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In Episode #192, Eric and Neil discuss 7 neat SEO tricks for 2017. There are smarter ways to increase your search engine traffic and Eric and Neil have the know-how. Tune in to find out how removing the dates on your WordPress URL or building links to posts that are ranking high can be just the quick tip you need to boost your traffic.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: 7 Neat SEO Tricks for 2017 00:35 – First is to upgrade your post that is already doing well 00:49 – Check Ahrefs and Google Search Console 01:30 – Google “online marketing” and Eric is probably Top 5 01:50 – Second, when you add the year on the title tag, it can generate new click throughs 02:26 – Third is to buy a website 02:38 – Look for keywords you’re trying to link 02:40 – Reach out to the top 20 websites see who wants to sell 03:55 – Fourth, remove dates on the WordPress URL title to boost search traffic 04:19 – Fifth, focus on link building to posts that are ranking 5 to 25 04:39 – Build 10 links to your post to signal Google 05:00 – Sixth, “Google ranks site based on how thorough and in-depth they think the web page is” 05:10 – MarketMuse has a software for all the key phrases you’re trying to look for 05:36 – Seventh: Tier 2 link building 05:43 – Black hat tools explained 07:07 – “Doing the black hat stuff in a white hat way—that’s going to help you” 07:20 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Buying a website that has aged and ranked high is a cheaper way to increase organic traffic and sales. Make your post relevant to signal Google and increase search traffic. Do black hat SEO in a white hat way—it’s proven to work better. Leave some feedback:

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