5 WordPress Security Plugins

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A number of plugins exist which must be present in all WordPress installations. This is important because the plugins can act for specific or general puporses. There is always the need for security measures that can help to protect the blogs.

1 .WordFence Security:



WordFence has become a standard security plugin. It has several features that help to ensure the highest levels of security. It has Firewall and Two Factor Authentication which provide top notch security. It has Core File Scan and Login Restriction along with Live Traffic Views for security purposes. It offers DNS monitoring and blocking options by the administrator. Bad bots and crawlers can be countered through this security plugin. This helps to act a defense against these types of threats. User access and admin restrictions can be done so that admin can be prevented from being registered.

 2. Better Wp Security:



Better WP Security is a major security plugin which has different types of security options and features. It is particularly effective against script based hacks which pose a serious threat to WordPress blogs. It can be used against attacks that try to change the content folders. Moreover, it can be used in an effective manner against attacks that focus on backend access limiting and hiding login pages. This plugin is very secure and friendly which makes it ideal for the security of the blog. Hence it must be used in an efficient and effective manner in order to achieve long term success.

3. Captcha:



This has become our favorite Captcha option. Usable on all forms and easily implemented. This plugin uses some math skills, but is much easier to read by humans than hard to read images.

4. Bad Behavior:



At first glance you might not think that this is a security plugin because it deals with spam. However, in many cases this plugin can actually stop those spammy sites from actually getting to your blog in the first place. Any plugin that can help eliminate threats before they get to your site to become larger problems becomes almost automatic in our book

5. Backup WordPress:



A smart backup solution is also a part of the security strategy. It might not be a security solution but it can help to restore the site. It can act as a defense against potential data or information loss. The plugin can be used for achieving a basic level of security. It can create a sophisticated strategy for success. It can be manually installed when system upgrades are performed on the software.

6. Aryo Activity Log:



This is a tool which can be used to track the changes that are found in the blog. It is a versatile and dynamic tool which can help to achieve long term success. Furthermore, it is concerned about developing a smart strategy that can be used for achieving long term outcomes.

It can track user activities and plugin activations. It can also track the theme changes and widgets that are changed. It helps in providing admin as well as user activity. Security breaches often create problems which is where this tool provides high levels of success.

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