5 Social Media Pictures That Got People Fired

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Top 5 Stupid Social Media Posts That Lost People Their Job
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Hello Guys, Today we’re going to run you through the 5 ways to loose your job by posting pictures on social media. Are you ready to Laugh at their stupidity?! Perfect, then lets begin.

5 – Taco Bell Employee
oh my goodness, the second i saw this picture of a taco bell employee licking this huge stack of tacos, it immediately made me want to switch to del taco. This was at a taco bell branch in california, after this was posted on facebook, it made its way to the head office rather quickly. Obviously he was fired, but taco bell tried to cover their ass saying it was taken with a stack of training tacos and they were being thrown out anyway. Yeah right.

Obviously the kfc employees weren’t informed that this isn’t acceptable, in at number 4…

4 – KFC Mash Licker
This picture of the kfc employee licking a tub of potato mash was posted on facebook, these were actually real non training potatoes. KFC reached out and said that these pictures were taken when the store was closed, so the potatoes were then thrown away. Yet again, yeah right, nice try to cover your ass.

3 – Rasist Zoo Employee
You may think the animals get a little wild in the zoo? Guess again, this time its the employees. With a zoo worker at brookfield zoo in Chicago posting this image and captain on facebook and Instagram, it lead to almost instant termination of her job.

2 – Day Care Worker
As you can quite clearly see this day care worker posted a picture to her snapchat story with her middle up pointing at the kids. This snap of her quickly reached the local and then regional news. Her boss’s soon found out and like all the other cases in this top 5, she was fired.

1 – Topless Mexican Police
So one thing you might not want to do is post a topless picture while in police uniform, with a police issued gun next to you and sat in a police car. That could land you in some trouble. This picture was actually taken by another officer, which makes it even worse. This Mexican police officer was fire and went on to pursue a career as a stripper. And no that is not a joke.

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