5 Effective Ways to Make Money Online

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Making money online is dream cum true for many. But the road is not as easy as perceived. Statistics show that the bubble can burst any time. With investors being more judicious with their investments and already existing online companies, adapting newer cost saving methods, the journey is of course an uphill task.

There are a thousand plus perceptions when it comes to earning money using internet – a thing that is intangible but works like a magic. So far the world has seen businesses revolving around either physical commodities or believable services like hospitality and transportation. The moot point is, what things are to be done online to earn like a king. Earning online without investing money and selling any physical goods is all about selling one’s skills online to millions of buyers. Let’s discuss what the ways are to make money online. Are there enough chances?

Selling Products:

It is like being present on E-commerce sites. Nowadays, every e-commerce website offers marketplace platform, where sellers can list their products to sell through these websites. One acts as a seller, for this one needs to have continuous availability of the on-sale products. E-commerce websites take the order from consumers and ships the item from the sellers. In return they charge some commission. This way one can sell their items throughout the world, selling becomes faster unlike traditional old markets. Remember it is a commodity based method to earn money online. One needs to maintain some staff as well as a small store-room to keep the stock, and also needs proper cataloguing of products with clear pictures and description. This method demands investment and care.


It is a hot favorite way to make money online. People have become millionaire by just blogging. But again this is meant only for writers – that too for good writers. Bloggers generally run adverts or affiliates to monetize their blogs. Earlier blogging was restricted only in English; however with time and growing audiences from different parts of the world blogging has taken many voices – people blog in from English to Spanish to their vernacular languages. Once the traffic has been built, there’s no looking back, only millions to make.

Teaching Online:

People don’t come online just for fun; rather do come for learning also. There is hundreds of learning communities or marketplaces where teachers meet students. It is a best place for scholars to impart their knowledge while earning good bucks that too as work from home option. Some of the tutorial websites also pay royalties.

Writing E-book:

With internet publishing has become easy especially with Amazon’s kindle format. Nowadays, more than 70 percent books are being self-published. Write a book on any topic and drop it into the market through one or many publishing platforms. When the books get sold out, the platform receives some commission from author’s royalty. E-publishing is better than paperback, since it involves no printing cost. Absolutely a free way to earn money like a crazy gambler.

Join Service Marketplaces:

In today’s world, there are platforms for every profession. Graphic designers, virtual assistant, content writers, video editors and in fact people from all professions should join service marketplaces to sell out their services to clients. Create a strong portfolio and work from home as a freelancer.

There are many other ways as well to make money online. The general tip is to research online before heading out for any work online. Guidance is also important; seek advice from the people working already.

Source by Naveen Kumar

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