5 Best WordPress Seo Plugins in 2013 Review

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Top 5 SEO Plugins to make your wordpress blog perfect for search engines

There are a number of Plug-ins in SEO world specially in WordPress library that can really boost and automate the process of optimizing your website. Most of these plug-ins have different functionality and each one offers something unique than others so here is a small list of the biggest and top 5 SEO plug-ins that can really make your website favorite of search engines. Let us take a deep in all of these one by one

Best 5 WordPress Seo Plugins in 2012

Best 5 WordPress Seo Plugins in 2012

[jbox color=”yellow”]1. WordPress SEO by Yoast.[/jbox]
SEO by Yoast is one of the best SEO plug-in of SEO history so far. It includes almost everything specifically for On Page SEO. This plug-in can really help you a lot for gathering more visitors and getting a reputed place in search engines.

How SEO by Yoast Works?
Initially you need to install this WordPress Plug-in SEO by Yoas. You can download it by clicking here. After installation when you will run this plug-in you will get a SEO tab in the left hand side of the interface. The dashboard will be having following options:

The important elements of the dashboard are explained below:

  • Titles:
    This Option will let you set the default Titles for different pages and posts.
  • Indexation:
    This feature is used for setting which sections of your website should be indexed by search engine bots.
  • Social:
    Social Media is getting highly important place in search engines and SEO by Yoast also took care of it by keeping Facebook and OpenGraph implementation and within some more time its planning to incorporate Google+ as well.
  • XML SiteMaps:
    This Feature avoids your effort and worry about creating and submitting a XML sitemap to the website as using SEO by Yoast plug-in you just need to check an option and it will create your XML sitemap and will submit it to search engines as well for finding and easily indexing all your posts and pages from one place.
  • PermaLinks :
    Permalink Setting will allow you to set a custom structure for your URLS. Also if someone have added some extra argument to your post URL then this setting will allow you to redirect those URLs to your actual URL.
  • RSS :
    This option will add up the new posts to your Blog or website’s RSS so as to help visitors getting noticed of your all new posts.
  • Import & Export :
    If you have ever used any other plug-ins for SEO but now want to move to Yoast now then it can be done very easily by using export & import feature.

SEO by Yoast will give you an overall control over your website or blog’s architecture.

[jbox color=”yellow”]All in One SEO[/jbox]

This is one more advanced SEO plug-in to optimize your website to the best level for all major search engines. This Plug-in retains place among the most popular SEO plug-ins of WordPress.

Some of the most elegant features of this Plug-in are:

  • Enables you to get proper status about your website’s visitors with Google Analytics.
  • Provide support for custom post types.
  • Enables you opt for appropriate and advanced canonical settings of URLs.
  • Provides feature for Fine tuning of Page’s Navigation links structure.
  • Avails in-built option for other plug-ins to extend their functionality.
  • Provides support for integration and incorporation of SEO with WordPress e-commerce websites.
  • Provide access to high level of security
  • Provides mechanism for optimizing the post titles, description.
  • Helps in generating the relevant meta tags for proper optimization
  • Keep track of Duplicity in terms on content on the WordPress websites and blogs.
  • Extremely simple to use even for novice users.
  • Provide options to replace the titles and Meta tags.
  • Provide compatibility support with a number of other plug-ins as well.

[jbox color=”yellow”]3. SEO Ultimate.[/jbox]
SEO Ultimate is also having a very reputed place on top 5 best SEO plug-ins for your website. This plug-in gives you complete control over the on page optimization of your blog or website by providing features to optimize meta tags, title, robots, post, canonical issue and a lot more.

SEO Ultimate Features List:

SEO ultimate is having a very vast list of features. So I am going to explain the most useful features of this great plug-in below.

  • Re-writing of Title Tags
    SEO ultimate enables a completely different approach by putting the title of a post at the beginning of <title> tag and allows easily re-writing of the title of any post
  • Editing Functionality for editing Meta Tags Editor
    You can also easily update or edit the meta descriptions, meta keywords, meta robots tag for your posts with individual Meta Tag editor for each tag specified above.
  • Deeplink Study and Optimization
    SEO Ultimate can help a lot in understanding your anchor texts and can really improve your internal linking structure using its great functionality. It takes care of a maximum number of links that can be added to a single post, keeps track of how many times an anchor text is linked throughout your website or blog, provision to add nofollow tags to your links and a lot more with quite an ease.
  • ·         Canonicalization
    Provides you an easy support for canonical URLs to avoid duplicacy of same content on different URL and suggesting which page or post is to be preferred over other if both are having almost same content but different URLs.
  • ·         404 Error Identification and Solution
    It avoids 404 errors as well by keeping check on 404 or Page not found type of errors generated. Also it keeps track of what URLs are actually generating these 404 errors.
  • Linkbox Inserter with HTM Coding
    This SEO Ultimate Plugin also gives you great and easy opportunity by inserting a Link-box at the end of a post or page that contains HTML coding for the link of the post which can be used by readers of your post to link to your page by simply using that HTML coding and pasting it to the HTML code of their websites.
  • File Editor
    This plug-in provides you access to a file editor as well using which one can use to employ advanced and best SEO schemes by editing .htaccess and robots.txt files.
  • ·         Provision for avoiding filter of stop words
    It provides you easy mechanism for removing the stop or filter words from your post’s URL such as “and”, “of”, “the” etc. Also you can personalize the list of filter words by inserting the words you want to remove or by deleting any exiting word from the list.
  • ·         Supports Easy Social Sharing
    This feature lets you add the social sharing buttons, such as AddThis or ShareThis etc, on your posts to let the visitors share your posts on social media websites.
  • Easy Code Inserter Mechanism
    SEO Ultimate also provides easy mechanism to add code-snippets to incorporate Feedburner, Google Analytics, Adsense, Webmaster Tools etc. to your Website.
  • Nofollow Manager
    This setting allows you maintaining “nofollow” setting for the links in case of migrating from some other SEO plug-ins.
  • Keep Check on SEO factors with Settings Monitor
    This plug-in keeps a check on how SEO friendly your website’s setting are by marking indicators with green, red or yellow colors.

[jbox color=”white”]4. SEO Friendly Image.[/jbox]

SEO Friendly Images adds one more name to the top SEO plug-ins that can really optimize your website for great results.

This plug-in can save a great deal of your time as it empowers you to automatically update TITLE and ALT attributes on your images for proper search engine optimization. As you know ALT text is used by search engines as an alternative text for images as search engines can not read images and Title Text will help improving readability of your images by displaying the associated description of the image in tool-tip.

Even if your images are missing these Title and Alt attributes then this plug-in will add these attributes to the images as per the options set up by you and hence making your content valid with W3C validator.

5.SEO Smart Links.

SEO Smart Links is the last one that I am going to put on my Top 5 Best SEO Plug-ins List. This plug-in will provide a number of automatic optimization advantages for your website or blog including nofollow, customizable list of keywords and a lot more.

SEO Smart Links Plug-in have a great functionality as it provides mechanism for automatic linking of keywords in your content with the corresponding relevant pages, posts or tags etc within your website or blog.

Also this wonderful plug-in enables you to maintain your own keywords list and corresponding URLs to be used for linking to those keywords when found in some post. You can also set your links as nofollow and option to open the links in a new window or in the same by using SEO Smart Links Plug-in.

You simply edit all these settings easily by visiting the administrative panel and choosing the options as per your needs.
Tell me which one do you use among these tools or let me know if you think some other plug-in that you are using will be the best fir for this list?

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