4 Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

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Are you doing it all wrong? You may be killing your own blog.

You log in to your blog, you write the post, you logout. Standard routine. STOP! Think you are doing everything correctly? Msitake Do not write another blog post until you read this.

Blogging Mistakes # 1 – Not choosing the right title for your post

The title is the first contact point between you and your blog readers, if your titles failed to impact the reader, your post might not be read. How many times have you simply chuck in the title after you have complete writing the content? Its very common for top bloggers to use interesting titles to catch the readers attention. Why not spend a little more time on your titles.

Blogging Mistakes # 2 – Not using the right targeted keyword for your post

Every webmaster knows that keyword is the key to SEO. Choosing the right target keywords can make or break a website, influencing its ranking on searching engines, but do you know that your content should have targeted keywords? How much time did you spend on planning that keyword for your content? Not only is the keyword for your content important, it is essential to tag your post with the right keyword tag.

Blogging Mistakes # 3 – Announcing your post

Top bloggers email other bloggers and their readers when they post an interesting article. Ever wonder why some blogger's articles get mention by a few bloggers? Why not try emailing a few other bloggers for your next post asking for feedbacks. If you article interest them you might get a few links and if not you have nothing to loose.

Blogging Mistakes # 4 – Returning comments

Blogging is about communicating and building relationship with your readers. When a reader comments on your blog to reply them through your comment, email or blog post. Returning comments not only keeps the commenter on your blog but make your blog interactive, and thats the whole point of web 2.0 and blogging.

If you are making the same mistakes, STOP!

Source by Bob Ong

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