3 Link Building Tools to Increase Traffic

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To get relevant traffic to blogs, usually people take different steps. For instance, they market their blog through advertisements, taking steps to improve SEO etc. One useful strategy for this purpose is link building. It is lining your site to high quality and relevant websites. This strategy helps you in driving relevant traffic to your site that comes by clicking on a do-following link to your website. High quality back-links make Search Engines realize that your site is an important one and it can not ignore it.

Like many other things, there are tools available in the market that do link building for your site. Mainly these tools can be categorized in two types. First type of these tools do all the data analysis of things, while others are helpful in a speedy building of relationship with other sites.

In this article, we are discussing three link-building tools that will be useful for any person who wants to have a strong presence in the eyes of Search Engines.

1. Ontolo:


It is a really powerful and useful link-building tool that can cause miracles for website owners. But the problem with this tool is that is is a little bit complex, and you should know how to use   it to be successful. It is a good tool to be used but you have to be more specific when you use search phrases. It is important as these search phrases guide Ontolo about what sort of websites it should look for. Entering generic phrases will end up creating a mess.

On a serious note, this link-building tool cannot be used by beginners or persons who have little or no knowledge. It is a good choice for large companies or SEO agencies.

2. WhiteSpark:


This tool is effective and effectual for small or local businesses. There is an special feature in the tool that helps in finding out the relevant and potential link partners at a local level. It is an easy to use and user friendly link-building tool. All you have to do is to enter your location, type of your business, and fine tune the search phrase. After searching for few moments, you will get a list of potential link partners for your site.

This tool also provides you a basic report with every link where you can mark the link as “useless” or “got it”. It also provides a direct link to the submission page of the target website, and it really save a lot of time.

3. Citation Labs:


It is an amazing link-building tool that helps you in finding high quality and relevant website that are also likely to accept your request to link your site with theirs. It is a time saving tool and no other tool is as productive as it is.

Enter the type of link or site that you want to have a link with, enter relevant search phrases and the tool will give you a list of the possible options. The software will find the sites related to your search phrases, and then the remaining work will be easy for you. This link-building tool is highly recommended for you.

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